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  1. I made some simple E shaped tensioners that help some but are too small. The belts are still not tight enough and still getting oblong holes. Has anyone tried the wave tensioners by Gijs? I just printed some in PLA but a little worried about strength. I actually modified by adding a bracing element along the length of the concave side. We'll see if they hold.
  2. It turns out the lower part of the wooden 8B housing had not been routed out completely. I corrected this by rotating the part 90 degrees and used the other milled hole (the four holes as well as the female inserts are symmetrical). Everything is working pretty well now. I have since solved many other beginners' problems and will post soon. Sorry about the measurement snafu...it was a (bad) guesstimate! The horseshoe is 1mm thick. Seemed a lot thicker when I was trying in vain to get it under the fitting ring!
  3. Thanks for the info. I am convinced that the bevel under the bottom plywood piece was not routed out enough. I have tried every kind of tool and trick I can think of and I have never even come close to getting the necessary 3mm (or so) clearance for the horseshoe to fit under the rim of the fitting ring.
  4. Yes, I followed the picture. Did you use a tool, or was it easy to get the horseshoe under the rim of the fitting ring? Please suggest a tool or a method used.
  5. I am having trouble getting the blue horseshoe to seat completely under the white fitting ring which holds the bowden tube in place. When I originally assembled the machine I decided it must only fit around the fitting ring. This is obviously not the case since the bowden tube kept backing out of the housing. Nobody else seems to have had trouble with this as I cannot find the issue on the forum. Any thoughts would help. Thanks, CGP
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