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  1. I have done a lot of test-slices now. What I can say: *) Python is OK *) The "invalid literal for float()" exceptions occure in different modules. *) As you can see below there is always a "special" charakter included in the string-value alex File C:\TEMP\Motorsense2.stl is being chain exported. Carve procedure took 5 seconds. Preface procedure took 3 seconds. Inset procedure took 57 seconds. Fill procedure took 3 minutes 17 seconds. Speed procedure took 6 seconds. Raft procedure took 16 seconds. Traceback (most recent call last): File "app_main.py", line 51, in
  2. It always happens in different modules: cool.py, dwindle.py ...
  3. Hi Daid, here the debug log. I have seen the same error also in raft.py G1 X97.5269 Y102.7257 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X97.8403 Y102.9781 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X94.0237 Y106.7946 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X94.3268 Y107.0572 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X98.1793 Y103.2047 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X98.5651 Y103.3846 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X94.6516 Y107.2981 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X94.9772 Y107.5382 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X98.9718 Y103.5436 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X99.4436 Y103.6374 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X95.3309 Y107.7502 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X95.6846 Y107.9622 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X99.9708 Y103.676 Z35.0 F6000.0 G1 X100.5796 Y103.6328 Z35.0 F6
  4. Yes, I tried serveral versions out of the nightly builds Alex
  5. Sorry for my late reply. The problem still exists. I copied the fully functional cura_rc4 directory from my Win7 x86 notebook to my Win7 x64 PC. When I'm slicing the same part I get the "ValueError: invalid literal for float()" error ? best regards Alex
  6. No, it's fresh 12.07 out of the box setup. I just changed some values like print-speed and layer-height
  7. Hi, I always get the following error when slicing (different objects) "Something went wrong during slicing" Log: File \\st-kai01\users\Alex.Kaiser\Ultimaker\Motorsense.stl is being chain exported. Carve procedure took 6 seconds. Preface procedure took 4 seconds. Inset procedure took 46 seconds. Fill procedure took 3 minutes 23 seconds. Speed procedure took 5 seconds. Raft procedure took 14 seconds. Traceback (most recent call last): File "app_main.py", line 51, in run_toplevel File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_12.07\Cura\cura.py", line 77, in main() File "C:\Program F
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