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  1. Yesterday, I replaced the linear bearings in my old Ultimaker "Classic", one of the first beta machines. That was badly needed. Well, after 2..3 hours of dis- and reassembling everything, accompanied by several loud curses, as well as general swearing, the moment of truth: Y axis ok, Y still wobbling exactly as before :-/ Ok, maybe just bad luck. Buy 10 bearings to find the one that's good. And actually, all my UM2s proved that theory. Most of them came with wobbling heads, straight from factory. Others, like one of my Go machines, in daily use for about a 3/4 year, are still perfect. But today, a new thought came to my mind: Does the angle of fitting that part probably play a role here? Can it be fixed by rotating the linear bearing? To find out, I quickly designed a little "bearing pusher" And _carefully_ rotated the bearing with pliers. Bingo! As if it's a new machine. Well, er, okay, those parts actually were new, so I tried the same with an UM2, without replacing anything - and yep, same result... No wobbling. So as it seems, we have a quite good chance of fixing a wobbling printer head, by doing nothing else but rotating the linear bearings. \o/ === BTW.: Is that forum design a bug or a feature?
  2. Yep, found it, thanks! If "MATERIAL" is missing in the G-Code file, the target temperature is not initialized and the comparison with the measured value is always true.
  3. Before I start browsing the code again, does anybody know what *exactly* is required to make an UM2 start and operate in UltiGCode mode? A starting sequence of ;FLAVOR:UltiGCodeM107G1 X46.152 Y48.191 Z0.2 F6600G1 X48.191 Y46.152 E0.0398 F1500... (Lol, looks like the syntax highlighting doesn't like G-Code :-) is obviously not sufficient. Upon start, the machine indeed does not shows its "manual override warning" (RepRap) message and then starts as usual, homing all axes, moving to X0 Y0, but then, it immediately starts _without_ heating the nozzle and immediately begins with cold extrudes... So, what else is required? The time or material info? ;TIME:1236;MATERIAL:2093;MATERIAL2:0 The layer markers? ;Layer count: 98;LAYER:0... The Cura profile string at the end? ;CURA_PROFILE_STRING:eNrtWd *snip* I'm especially confused about the missing heat-up of the nozzle. So, I obvisously found an in-between mode, which didn't completely activate the UM2 mode...
  4. Nope, my Ultimaker 2 Go machines have different PCB revisions, 2.1.1 and 2.1.4. With 2.1.1 electronics, the fan is always on. Are the schematics available?
  5. I have three UM2 Go machines and each of them operates the rear extruder fan differently: - one is always on (came with FW 15.02, now FW Github, around 19.5.) - one is only on if T>40°C (came with FW 15.04Go) - one is always off I assume that the latter "always off" is just indeed another HW issue, so let's skip this one... What of the above should happen? Were there last minute HW changes or is this just the usual bad luck wired wrong or pin defect error?
  6. Yep, here's your code, visualized: Coming from the right, going too far, then moving back with the G00 command...
  7. Thanks! Will take a look at the code.
  8. Maybe "vases" as subject was unfavourable. It's really all about how to turn this off. Additionally "not official" should read as undocumented slicer command line switch, Cura handling trick or slicer SW change :-) I would like to have 3 outlines, so this does not work. I am sorry. I don't know what this means. This is what is shown in the image and actually my problem. 15.02.1 Due to the forum changes, it seems impossible to find old posts. I assume it was about 2 years ago, I asked the same question before. Somewhere around Cura version 13.06.3.
  9. Is there any way (official or not ;-) to turn off those additional fill-ins that Cura creates on the inside of not-filled prints? This ruins everything...
  10. I was locked out of the forum since it was revamped >:-/ The printing quality slightly improved after setting infill speed to 0, but everything still looked ugly. Until 15.02.1, I ran my UM2 with an older, modded FW, but upgraded to the HEX blob that was included in the new Cura distribution. Did the default acceleration settings change? A few days ago, I cleaned the nozzle (90°C pull), but also changed the layer height to 0.1mm for the prints I did so far. It looks better now, but still need to test with 0.2mm height. Clearly, there HAS to be reason for this.
  11. I am too lazy to browse through the code and schematics, but I once read that the motor currents can now be adjusted via SW. Are these hard coded in the firmware or can they be changed during printing? If the currents can be adjusted, could anyone post the M codes please? A search in the forum did not reveal anything useful...
  12. I printed this with my standard settings for "functional prints", 0.2mm layer height, 65mm/s and 85mm/s for the infill (set to 50%). Width of the object is 30mm. (Just noticed that the back looks even worse.) I must admit that this is one of the worst prints that has ever left my UM2's printing bed... During the print (at ~30%), I even reduced the speed down to 50%, resulting in less than 35mm/s (45mm/s), but as you can see, that did not improve anything. Reminds me a little of my post from 6/2013, which compared 13.02 with 13.06.3. Now, how do your prints look like with newer Cura versions? What are your settings? I have some Slic3r and Kisslicer setups for my UM1 and other printers, but I'm too lazy to do the same for the UM2 (now). Would anyone of you might sharing your settings/setups for these?
  13. The bowden tube gets pushed out of the UM2's printing head. This little white "ring" (whatever this might me called) can't secure it anymore. Every few seconds, mostly during retractions, it gets pushed up a few millimeters. What are the best short- and long-time options to fix this? Maybe completely removing the tube, cutting 2..3mm off and putting it back in? Roughing the tube? Is there any (better) replacement available? I appreciate any of your ideas
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