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  1. I can explain this for dummies "I have the same issue earlier and I resort to download from github/ultimaker/marlin to build it manually. You need to uncomment the #define BED_LIMIT_SWITCHING or #define PIDTEMPBED depending on if you are using a relay or MOSFET to control your bed. Also, don't forget to uncomment the #define ULTICONTROLLER and TEMP_SENSOR_BED to enable the temperature monitoring." I find github/ultimaker/marlin to build it manually.
  2. Hello I'm trying to install a warm bed, I have followed this show https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By8zvmG ... p3TnM/edit Connection to relay https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By8zvmG ... dTT2s/edit Connection to termistor The NTC thermistor is tpo https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By8zvmG ... 1pTnM/edit 4.7k resistor soldered https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By8zvmG ... RGeDg/edit Custom Marlin I do not even know where to begin to review Mounting or firmware??
  3. Just let me download linked file to save as, I put the name Marlin and I keep it, the problem is that when I open the priest tell me Expert/Install custom firmware not recognize the file
  4. Hello, when I generate the new file in http://daid.eu/~daid/marlin_build/ , give it a download and opens another page in the browser, but I do not download, how do I install the cura? P,D I have a mac THANKS
  5. Hi I happen to me when printing temperature goes down, and after a while it stops printing without completing
  6. driver Ultimaker sperimental sprinter/Marlin firmware gcoder generator skeinforge (40) firmware Marlin experimental build 3 by bernhard's
  7. On the parameters of dimension says: Activate dimension, activate Absolute extrusion distance, activate Relative extrusion distance, off Extruder retraction spedd (mm/s) 0,0 Filament diameter (mm) 2,8 Filament packing densiti (ratio) 0,85 Retraction distance (milimeters) 0,0 Restart extra distance ( milimeters) 0,0 What can i do?
  8. primero perdon por mi ingles de google traductor. I ride my Ultimaker, everything moves along with the control panel operated by hand is extruder and goes well the PLA at 210 °, but when I send print I get little or no plastic, while the print engine of the extruder is not moves, what am I doing wrong?
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