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  1. I've tried making them very tight, so much that you could play guitar with them and this is the result....
  2. Hi. I'm not new to 3 printing but I'm new with the Ultimaker that I got 3 weeks ago. I use to have a Makergear-Mosaic and it took me very little time to get it up and running. Now, with the situation with Ultimaker this is not the case. I've been reading for the las 2 weeks and trying different thing that I will list so to avoid people asking question that I can answer up front 1) I've tried different firmwares RC2 / RC1 / original Merlin 2) I've tried ReplicatorG/Cura/Pronterface/Kisslicer 3) I've tried tightening and loosing the pulleys on every axis 4) disassembled the printer twice and put it back together 5) Left loose one the pulleys ends (I red this on one of the threads) same result I'm attaching pictures and in then you can see that the circles are far from round.
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