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  1. shouldn't be bent, checked em when first installed with a micro-flat bench. with it completely installed though, it doesn't float down to the bottom when powered off. i think people have it both ways, some units, or people assembling them, are just a bit more square. thx for the posts
  2. Thanks Jon. pulled it apart again to check bearings and nothing seems wrong. i checked the rods with the original bearings and they were 'smoother', but that could just be wear. put it all back and still the same. when letting the bed go, it does go back to the bottom on it's on (with some sticking points) so unless somebody else comes back with other info, I'm just going to call it inside ball bearing movement for now and see what happens. thx again
  3. Just working on installing the heated bed upgrade, well done kit so far. I have just one issue. When aligning the bearings and sliding the platform up and down during the bolt tightening, I notice a crunching noise coming from both bearings when the bed is move down, not when moved up though. I was careful when putting on the rods so I don't think any of the balls in the bearings were damaged. Has anybody else had the same or know what I might of missed? Thanks
  4. Thanks all for the replies, but this was a combination of poor test object choice and rough count of the current layer time. my bad. But, it did show me that you can have a large, sudden change in the speed due to the mlt time setting. For smaller objects when the print shifts from printing the perimeter and infill to top surface, the sudden change in flow rate can make weak layer.
  5. I didn't think it was the mlt because the layer time was less, but you were correct. it seems the mlt is not a fixed border (cannot remember if it was that way before) when going from a layer time that is less than the mlt time, but print speed is gradually adjusted down. It seems that if the layer time goes longer than the mlt it is not gradual, it just move from adjusted to full speed. is that the case? print temp is 145 with XT. thanks for the help
  6. this is posted as well on google, sorry for the cross Sorry if this has been answered before but a quick search didn't turn anything up. I've not used Cura for a while but wanted to give it a test to see how things were going. Normally I print with smaller layers at slower speeds with a flow rate of about 4 Cu mm/s, but some of the tests were faster with thicker layers with flow rate of around 7 Cu mm/s resulting in under extrusion, but only for the top layers. II'm testing with 30mm X 10mm X 5mm cube. The print speed looked a bit odd and found in the gcode that the first layer is correct at around 20mm/s, as expected speed ramps up in the next layers to around 50% of the requested speed and the print continues at that speed. Problem comes at the last layers where it suddenly jumps to full requested speed to finish the top and the print is under extruded. Speed settings for the infill outer/inner shell are set to 0, so should default to print speed. What has changed, what am I missing? Thanks for any help
  7. for the time and shipping, you might be better off with this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Fisher-Price-ATV-Explorer-980-/281108788387?pt=Pretend_Play_Preschool_US&hash=item417363b4a3
  8. did, new image attached to gallery. a but of a diff, but still there.
  9. When testing models built with a win 64 bit version of OpenScad , I was able to reduce the facet size considerably and still have them render without OpenScad crashing. The cylindar in the image is 15.6mm in diameter. I assumed before that the paths you see in repetier were either due to the model facet size or repetier display, i see now they are due to slicing, even with a minimum $fa or $fn they are still there. There is a difference with the SE slicing though, the facets are distributed around the perimeter of the cylinder. Not done much printing to see the effects, but it does appear to make the cylinder 'rougher' than when sliced with either Cura 13.04 or KISS but I need to do more printing and another modeller to be sure of this.
  10. Maybe think about labelling it as an RC, and then people know it’s almost good to go but still needs a larger group to look at it. I think some might be disappointed that some features are missing, everybody has different wants, you know how users can moan if their thing is not there Just make sure you label clearly what is there and what not ... release notes, including known bugs. It still has a few big issues, one being this seem on curves, it just pushes that nozzle out there. And this stripe solid layers that in some places it doesn’t just fill in but goes over it again. Speed is a huge improvement though, well done. People will like the bed placement and view shift as well.
  11. what, they don't have vacum cleaners in germany?
  12. noticed the same striping, even on the first layer ,when i printed some slats that are about 2mm wide and 60 long using .4mm walls. almost stopped the print with a wtf ? as far as extrusion, i've noticed that it seems that in some places there is under extrusion but when you compensate other areas get over extruded. still not dialed in when as i'm just getting back to testing after some other work.
  13. so first impressions are good, great work daid. still some features to add but continuous slicing is great. i had to do some tweaking to the UM and make sure the models were clean and still have some looking to do as the extrusion seems different. Thx daid, excellent work!
  14. Yes, would like to test. Any cake included?
  15. I had some interesting results printing .1mm - .5mm layer height on glass, using PVA glue and water dried on the glass, hairspray, and nothing. The hairspray worked best with 2x .1mm layers but the single layer was interesting. Bed needs to be well leveled and beyond 10omm square the surface needs to be really flat. Unfortunatly, my bed has a raise in the back middle and I've not been able to source a thick enough piece of glass yet. I could post a video of the result if interested.
  16. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26428, and it works.
  17. I have been using this tape on the bed I posted here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/ultimaker/L2mt6gQhwJs. Prints are sticking well, even on large objects and then come off cleanly. Do be careful that your bed is aligned correctly, if your head touches it will melt. Problem is, I just don't know the availability outside Switzerland and Germany.
  18. I would say do like most others, make it free at first mentioning that the license can change at any time, dominate the market with your better product and then charge like hell .
  19. There is some commented code in the printWindow.py that looks to be a loadFile, but I've yet to look through it to see what it is. I'd be willing to test if Daid let's us know that it actually works, it would save some time. unsupported, undocumented feature kinda thing.
  20. It is working on mine with the same model, maybe a video driver problem and needs an update?
  21. Ok. But I often have several gcode files for the same model that I've renamed with their parameters. Is it possible to get just a simple load button, or that if you select a gcode from the main window that on load finish it pops you into the print window?
  22. Do you plan on the next release supporting printing an already generated gcode file?
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