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  1. Hello UMGuy Thank you for the explanation, it’s good to see you can handle a whinging customer and come back with what was asked for. I know you guys are busting trying to make things right, I’m just jealous of everybody else with extruder and feeder issues and all the fun their having. Just between you and I, I think Makerbot is claiming a 7 day turnaround for the replicator these days … but who believes ‘em? Thanks again, much appreciated ps. One question, what is the name of the robot in your logo?
  2. I purposely did not order anything that was listed as 'out of stock' when ordering so that I would not have delays. If stock availability is not accurate … 0.0 I did add some to the order later, as it was indicated on the ordering page that I could, but wrote when updating that if it would cause any delays I would prefer not to have the extra PLA. Not all lines and products are the same and really no way to compare except in the types of processes they should try to implement to be successful and one is good communication downstream ending with the customer. A 0-series is still going to have a lot of unknowns pop-up, no problem. But companies need to keep people updated on changes to the current status. A maturing production should be able to communicate a reason why there is a change in lead time jumping from 9 days to 14 to their customers. And when a current order is having a delivery time double of the delayed time, they should get notified, personally. Daid, from what I see, you’re currently the public face of the Ultimaker on these forums right now, really. If you are not the first to post, you are usually the poster with the best info. I agree a Community Manager will be a great help if he/she has the info available to inform. At least it will give you some more free time
  3. It seems there has been slippage in delivery times again and UM is at about a month lead time. The Lead time indicator is calculated and shown but for orders placed a month ago and recently it jumped suddenly from 9 days to 14 days. I ordered my system with the expectation of around 2 weeks but after contacting UM, it will hopefully arrive at the end of next week making it almost a month. Yes, I know that is not the wait time that early adopters had, but what I’ve seen with posting even at the beginning of the year, UM was on the forums communicating what the status and holdups were. Another thing to note for new purchasers, UM only ship out on Wednesdays and Fridays, I don’t know if this is new or has always been the case. It might have been part of the shipping cost reduction. I think that UM could be a bit (lot?) more proactive in communication with their customers. The initial build-up of processes/moving to a new headquarters/training new people/filling stock … things should be well on the way towards being sorted now. It’s time for UM to mature as a company and start posting or writing mails if there are delays in product, planned fixes coming out or whatever. Blog posts every few weeks are not the only component of good customer communication.
  4. Hi Flo Thanks for the links, great stuff. You can really hear the difference.
  5. Great info, thanks. Any chance you could post the link with the correct retraction video, I seem to miss something in the link. Thx again
  6. Daid, I just want to say thanks for all the info and support you give folks here on the forum. I am waiting for my first UM and I always study a bit the 'troubleshooting' section before, no matter what the project area, to get an idea what is coming. You have given such great, detailed info I have much greater confidence in what I need to do. Again, thank you.
  7. Welcome Thought I'd say hi from a soon to be owner, also in Switzerland... hopefully can start printing soon. Good printing to ya!
  8. Hello All, Order #: 100003151 Ordered: July 17 Payment completed: July 19 Payment confirmed: July 23 Preparing shipment: August 9 Complete: August 10 Shipped: August 10 Delivered: August 14 Indicated lead time at order: 9 days Indicated lead time changed 27.7.12: 13 days Indicated lead time changed 1.8.12: 12 days Indicated lead time changed 2.8.12 (for orders placed after 3.7.12): 13 days Indicated lead time changed 3.8.12 (for orders placed after 7.7.12): 14 days Indicated lead time changed 8.8.12 (for orders placed after 15.7.12): 12 days Indicated lead time changed 10.8.12 (for orders placed after 24.7.12): 8 days :roll: Indicated lead time changed 13.8.12 (for orders placed after 3.8.12): 7 days :roll: Total days: 28 Note: The Lead time is not a predictive time of what a new order placed today might expect for a delivery time, it is the lead time for orders placed 3 to 4 weeks ago based on an historical average. Your actual mileage may vary, could be more ... could be less. Also note, currently shipments only go out on Wednesdays and Fridays.
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