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  1. Hello I've had my Ultimaker a few months but am only really getting time to work on it now. I seem to be having some flow issues, or at least that's what I think the issue is. So far most of my results look like this (using Netfabb btw at a temperature of 210C) - http://imgur.com/a/lYINA. This is just the first few layers of a print, but as you can see, the structure is not very solid. This was a standard quality filled object, on higher quality settings the outside (ignoring the top) of the prints are usually great, almost perfect, but the inside is still so sparsely filled that the objects break apart as they are removed from the print area. I have checked that when the plastic is not being forced into the hot end, the printer extrudes nearly the exact amount of plastic that is asked from it. I have not accurately checked this when it is being pushed into the hot end though. So my main question is, does anyone recognise what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
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