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  1. Hi Dave, I use both software. This are the pro and cons imho CURA + Very easy to use + Support for Plugins (very clever) - Calculating is very slow (~7 times slower than netfabb) - somtimes there is no hourglass or progress bar to show you that cura is working/busy and you are not sure if cura hangs or not NETFABB + does check and repair 3d models + fast calculating + nice 3d graphic and handling + easy to put your print anywhere on the platform (I use this often to save blue tape) + you can slice the 3D model in pieces and print it piece by piece + you can use different printing paramaters during print, depending on height or other conditions - need some learning curve - management of material and printing parameters sets are a bit complicated - does not keep last printing set selection (is a trap to ruin your 10h print), no sorting - default printing parameter sets could not be deleted or renamed. - not knowing if the software is further developped and bug fixed I do not regret the purchase of netfabb. but cura gets better and better. :-) Uwe
  2. digixx

    UM in der Schweiz :)

    Lebe ebenfalls in der Region Basel. Habe den klassischen Ultimaker. Benutze ihn zusammen mit SketchUp und Netfabb.
  3. Update: At the office, we run a Makerbot Replicator. A coworker printed this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17603 and he just snappet the parts together. My print shows, that the holes are (you know) to small. Most of the prints on Thingiverse are based on STL. STL are not sources, so you can not modify the part in a source editing manner. There must be a solution possible.....
  4. This happens since the new version of netfabb. Because the 'dot' get so big, after you cut it, there is a white spot on the part. In the version before, the movement away at the end just results in a very thin string which can be removed without a tool. Can we have the old style of behavior at the end of printing?
  5. Thank you owen. May be further releases adresses this issue :-)
  6. Hi, When I print parts with holes, the holes becomes ~0.5mm smaller then designed. At the moment a make any hole 0.5mm bigger. Is there some correction possible within netfabb? regards Uwe
  7. Hi, I made a material definition with a layer size of 0.15mm. In Styles -> 'Region Definitions' i selected for 'Outer' the layer type 'Every half layer' With this the print starts at a height of 0.08mm which is correct for half 0.15mm. If I choose for 'Outer' layer type 'Every layer' the print starts at a height of 0.22mm which is a bit to high to get stable contact to the surface. Why does the software choose 0.22mm instead of 0.15mm? Hardware/Software: Ultimaker with UltiController and SD-Card netfabb Version 4.9.3 Ultimaker Edition. Regards Uwe
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