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  1. hi, my problem was, that the temperature sensor disconnects during the print job. i'm very new, and my failure was not to stop the print job quickly. that's my point :-( i ordered a new peek, the peek is broken. my question was about the askew object. my belt tension is good and all pulleys all tighten. is it possible, that the cables and the pfa tube pulls the head to the side? best regards
  2. hi, i'm very new to the ultimaker and my first print goes wrong :-( after starting with replicatorg 035 and slic3r ultimaker normal print profile the print goes wrong. i'm using the 20mm_Calibration_Box. the object was crooked printed. another bad point was, that the temp cable was disconnected during the print work. i think that the cables and the PFA tube pull the print head to the side. or is there another reason? All belts are not too tight. any suggestions or ideas? best regards
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