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  1. What a difference a decimal point makes! Daid.... i cant thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  2. This is the start of the Gcode file - thought it might help! ;TYPE:CUSTOM M92 E86588.800000 M109 S215.000000 ;Sliced C:UsersBenjaminDesktop20mm-box.stl at: Wed 01 Aug 2012 13:41:42 ;Basic settings: Layer height: 0.2 Walls: 0.8 Fill: 20 ;Print time: 0:12 ;Filament used: 0.34m 2.93g ;Filament cost: Unknown G21 ;metric values G90 ;absolute positioning M107 ;start with the fan off G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to min endstops G28 Z0 ;move Z to min endstops G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 ;reset software position to front/left/z=0.0 G1 Z15.0 F180 G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length G1 F200 E3 G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length again ;G1 X100 Y100 F9000 G1 F9000 ;LAYER:0 ;TYPE:SKIRT G1 X78.8 Y118.92 Z0.36 F9000.0 G1 F300.0 G1 E3.0 G1 F9000.0 G1 X119.6 Y118.92 Z0.36 F750.0 E4.9903 G1 X119.6 Y80.28 E6.8753 G1 X78.8 Y80.28 E8.8656 G1 X78.8 Y118.92 E10.7506 G1 X79.2 Y118.52 F9000.0 G1 X119.2 Y118.52 F750.0 E12.7019 G1 X119.2 Y80.68 E14.5478 G1 X79.2 Y80.68 E16.4991 G1 X79.2 Y118.52 E18.345 G1 X83.2 Y84.76 F9000.0 G1 X83.2 Y114.44 F750.0 E19.7929 G1 X84.8 Y114.44 E19.871 G1 X84.8 Y84.76 E21.3188 G1 X86.4 Y84.76 E21.3969 G1 X86.4 Y114.44 E22.8447 G1 X88.0 Y114.44 E22.9228 G1 X88.0 Y84.76 E24.3707 G1 X89.6 Y84.76 E24.4487 G1 X89.6 Y114.44 E25.8966 G1 X91.2 Y114.44 E25.9746 G1 X91.2 Y84.76 E27.4225 G1 X92.8 Y84.76 E27.5005 G1 X92.8 Y114.44 E28.9484 G1 X94.4 Y114.44 E29.0265 G1 X94.4 Y84.76 E30.4743 G1 X96.0 Y84.76 E30.5524 G1 X96.0 Y114.44 E32.0002 G1 X97.6 Y114.44 E32.0783 G1 X97.6 Y84.76 E33.5262 G1 X99.2 Y84.76 E33.6042 G1 X99.2 Y114.44 E35.0521 G1 X100.8 Y114.44 E35.1301 G1 X100.8 Y84.76 E36.578 G1 X102.4 Y84.76 E36.6561 G1 X102.4 Y114.44 E38.1039 G1 X104.0 Y114.44 E38.182 G1 X104.0 Y84.76 E39.6298 G1 X105.6 Y84.76 E39.7079 G1 X105.6 Y114.44 E41.1558 G1 X107.2 Y114.44 E41.2338 G1 X107.2 Y84.76 E42.6817 G1 X108.8 Y84.76 E42.7597 G1 X108.8 Y114.44 E44.2076 G1 X110.4 Y114.44 E44.2856 G1 X110.4 Y84.76 E45.7335 G1 X112.0 Y84.76 E45.8116 G1 X112.0 Y114.44 E47.2594 G1 X113.6 Y114.44 E47.3375 G1 X113.6 Y84.76 E48.7853 G1 X115.2 Y84.76 E48.8634 G1 X115.2 Y114.44 E50.3113 G92 E0
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me...please. I have recently purchased my Ultimaker and although i have been fiddling, changing, swapping, tweaking and learning for what seems like weeks now and still don't have something you could really call a print..... i love it. I purchased the machine for the challenge and to learn new things - it hasn't let me down - i just wish i could print something. :cry: My question is to do with the extruder. I have read many threads detailing the importance of getting the right amount of tension and have experienced what happens when you tighten the screw too much or too little. What i don't understand is why my extruder is spinning so much and so fast. This results in the filament being sent, smoothly to the hot end to start with and then lots of slippage and strange noises from the extruder motor there after. I have looked at as many working Ultimaker videos as i can find on YouTube and all seem to have a much slower spinning feeder wheel. Which makes sense to me..... why is mine going so fast? The motor is very hot in comparison to the other two motors. I have tried to print a few different files the one shown below is the 20mm box from ..... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5573 I have had the same extruder spinning wheel problem each time. I have also tried to print directly from an SD card on my controller. 1, This first video shows how quickly and how much the wheel is spinning. This is at the start of the print. 2, This one shows it stopping quickly as it is going. This just before the filament stopped coming out of the hot end. 3, This one shows the wheel stalling and making a whining noise. I am fiddling with the wheel which shows there is no resistance. Sorry about the toilet in the background!!! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5573 20mm box I am printing using Cura (mainly because this is the only program i can print from for various reasons). I am on a windows 7 machine. These are screen shots from Cura to show settings. These are my 'prints' so far.... Thanks to anyone who can help
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