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  1. Dear, today experienced a strange phenomenon with my Original: The extruder motor stopped working: nor when running a print, nor when jogging. First thought was that the motor was broken, but it's not. Please find beneath what i've tried: - X motor coupled to the extruder connector: nothing is happening (jogging) - extruder motor connected to the X connector: motor is functioning - stepper driver exchanged: no result - complete electronics board changed (i had a new spare one) => extruder doesn't work - software and firmware download V12.10 => no result - firmware download 15.02.1 => when starting the machine makes a sound and all the motors are blocked, even the extruder motor. the download is succesfull and after that you can turn all motors again, jogging the extruder still doesn't work does anyone has an idea what might be wrong? gr Sam
  2. Hello, Because of the "something went wrong during slicing" problem I need to cut my large model in 2 separate pieces with Netfabb. slicing them separately works just fine. if I combine the 2 G-code files together I notice a shift in X en Y direction. The zero-point of the 2 objects were untouched and if load ther original STL files again in Netfabb they are nicely aligned. From wich point cura start calculating? What is the reason for this shift? Greetings, Sam
  3. Hi Daid, what do I have to do when I downloaded the latest release? gr Sam
  4. I' ve run into the limits of memory usage with Cura and windows. there's also a thread about slicing complex models on windows, cura displays a message about a memory problem. I have a PC with 64 bit windows and 24GB of memory, so memeory enough. Still I can't slice big STL file. KISSlicer does slice my model but I can't get it to work with my ultimaker, whatever I do it keeps under extruding. In the previous thread is written that Linux is much better with memry than windows. I wis to give it a try. I already installed Linux ubuntu but I don't know how to run Cura on it. Can someone explain what i need to do to get Cura to run on Linux. I tried Linux ubuntu 10 I download the source files from DAID + package.sh in a terminal window i wrote: sh ./package.sh but then I get a list of error messages: elif not expected, function: problem with checkTool. I've read a buch of articles about compiling from source code to a working linux executable but I still don't understand it fully, can someone help me? kind regards, Sam
  5. Hello, since a month I'm printing and with good success. Since I still have problems with plugs (even with Hotend V2.0!) I wanted to print the Bertho extruder update. I can print nearly all the parts but the Yoke part gives me a headache! One leg of this part is ok, but the other (right leg) won't print well, it seems that there's too much material for this. I print with the standard Cura parameters with 0.1 layer height. the parameter for extrusion i needed to adjust (100mm extruded was only 95mm measured; param adjusted to 867.xxxxxx) The problem als occur when I tried to print Z_axis_long_body from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19912 th four islands are totally crap, it looks to me that these are being made with too much material. Any Idea what is wrong? Greetings, Sam
  6. Hello, thank you very much for the feedback. I have just ordered the Ultimaker and a Ulticontroller greetings Sam
  7. Hello, Some time ago i started with the idea of 3D scanning and I took me some time to master the art of it. Now I have managed the technique and get some promising results. Now I want to replicate some of this results and some new drawn stuff. Now my question is: i have some STL files and they are ready for printing but before I buy an ultimaker: can the software handle files of a 150MB? and if someone has done it, the printing process does it still runs smooth? I remember, from my experience with CNC routers, a big G code file with very high detail was always a problem with smooth running: start stop and jerky movements - because of the small lines and circles. Have someone expercience with my question? Greetings Sam
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