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  1. I have the latest firmware, when the motors are powered I can still move the head, but the movement is not even, when I push hard i feel something give away and the head moves 2in. It also makes a ckrrrrrrrrrk noise when it moves. Not sure if something is slipping or the motor is making that noise.
  2. I tightened everything and it still prints weird, are you sure it's not a software proble, some files always turn out perfect while others look like stairs, speed doesent mater, every print looks the same, every layer is shifted. :cry:
  3. I can't find the thinner bowden tube anywhere :( if anyone sees one please tell me.
  4. Ok, il try to get the tube and the connector. So far I can't find the tube anywhere :cry: . Also, when I opened the feeder I saw the white piece of plastic that rubs against the plastic, will making it wider help? ( so it can have more pressure on the thinner filament)
  5. I had the same problem, realign the belts and it will stop making that noise.
  6. After printing a little with 1.75mm plastic I saw that the filament entering the Bowles tube started to get wavy, I opened up the filament feeder thing in the back and saw that the side of the plastic had caught on the side of the grey quick connect thing.then the feeder ground through the plastic. The only way I found to fix this is cut of the wavy plastic and feed new plastic in, just for it to happen 10 min later :( I was thinking about getting a smaller Bowen tube and replacing the quick connect, will that work?
  7. Ok, I just got my ultimaker, I have had some successful prints but after prints the layers got messed up, If I print a straight wall it becomes angled. Every layer mover over a little, on the z axis only. The prints are not just angled a little,a tall object looks like a flight of stairs :( .i watched the print and did not see anything slipping so it might be a software problem. (I'm using replicator g) however this only happens on the z axis. The extruded head is not touching the object. Btw this is more likely to happen on a print with a lot of gaps ( when it is not extruding). Any ideas?
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