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  1. The best solution would be to have a switch. So, people without bowden would get a decent first layer, and stronger parts, and people with bowden, could also get rid of this problem (and if there is really a problem of over-extrusion, the simple solution is to print all walls at the same speed). In fact, I often see a problem of under-extrusion, when the head moves from perimeters to perimeters without retracting: there is oozing, and there is no more enough pressure to start the next wall of the next perimeter... One could say that there are more and more params; I agree, but some are reall
  2. I'm wondering: did you address this problem¹ in Cura 2.5.0-BETA? Thanks, ¹ yes, this is really a problem! It messes up very small holes on first layer, and it also gives a much lower adhesion between walls, as the filament has time to cool down.
  3. Yes, my script is not smart enough to deal with multiple launch...
  4. Here is my proposition (you need to first create the target dirs cura-xxx, and remove the standard dirs): #/bin/sh function run_cura { if [ ! -d ~/.config/cura-$1 ]; then echo "Missing dir ~/.config/cura-$1" exit 1 fi if [ ! -d ~/.local/share/cura-$1 ]; then echo "Missing dir /.local/share/cura-$1" exit 1 fi rm ~/.config/cura rm ~/.local/share/cura ln -s ~/.config/cura-$1 ./.config/cura ln -s ~/.local/share/cura-$1 ./.local/share/cura ls -ld ~/.config/cura* ~/.local/share/cur
  5. Funny thing: a switch for versions is already done for cache! .cache/cura/ └── definitions ├── 2.3.1 └── 2.4.0-BETA
  6. Under linux, I think it can be done with a custom startup script, managing a few symbolic links. Will try to write something, as I'm about to test 2.4-beta2...
  7. Oh, sorry, I'm using linux...
  8. Can you give more details? What happens? Which platform?
  9. Why does not Cura 2.x support AMF file? AFAIR older releases used to...
  10. Cura 2.3.1 is really nice. But, there is still one thing which annoy me... A lot! When I ask for 2 perimeters, why does not Cura print the 2 perimeters of each wall in one shot, instead of printing the first perimeter of each wall, then coming back to print the second perimiters? Is there a good reason to do that? First, it takes more time. Well, not that much, but... Second, and most important: it always mess up tiny holes of the first layer. Always! First perimeter of tiny holes don't close well, and when Cura move away at travel speed, it tears of the perimeter... So, please, print all
  11. I'm a big fan of the new 'gradual infill step' params! They are very usefull to use a low infill, and still get a decent top infill without having to use too many layers (especially at low layer height). But it needs some little improvements. 1) the 'infill density' param should be used as the normal infill, and when 'gradual infill step' is active, the infill should be *increased* to the double of 'infill density', instead of use half for defaut infill. 2) the 'gradual infill step height' works fine, but 'gradual infill step' has no impact; setting it to something different than 0 activate
  12. According to embedded doc (tip), setting the temperature to 0 allows to set it manually. So, it should not be set by Cura. It works fine for the bed temperature, but not for extruder temperature: if it removes the M104 Sxxx line, the M109 S0 line remains. This line should be removed too...
  13. I second this! Could it be possible to provide Cura as tar.gz archive, instead of debian package? As there are a lot of things to tune (Python3.4, libstdc++, startup script...) on debian, this could be easier. More, I can't start Cura-2.3.0 on my debian: it segfaults. So I have to keep Cura-2.1.3 until I can fix this. For now, I just made a copy of /opt/cura, then remove the debian package. I still have to adapt the startup script, so it makes a symbolic link to switch to teh correct ~/.config/cura dir (here too, it would be nice to duplicate the previous config file, then create a new one,
  14. There is a Cura 2.3 dedicated thread: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/22398-cura-23-beta-is-here
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