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  1. Highest bid so far is 600euro incl.shipping. The bidding round stops 14.march
  2. I bought it because it sounded cool. The plan was to learn to design and print after i got it. I do not have time for that, so i need to sell it. I can not get it to work 100%, so the price will be very low! I have spent over 1800Euro on this equipment. I do not go lower than 300Euro. Accepts Bid I will cover the shipping within Norway. If the buyer is outside Norway's borders I cover 50% of the freight. The package includes: Ultimaker original that is stained with walnut stain. Looks real nice Heated bed mod (Works with both 115VAC and 230VAC, works great) Hot end V2 O
  3. I have checked it, but i can not find any problems there eather :/
  4. What i did before this happend was disassembly the printer head since it over flood, so i had to clean it. I made i video of my problem since my english is not that good. http://s498.photobucket.com/albums/rr34 ... 130157.mp4
  5. I have tried that. It worked before, but not any more. If i set it to ex: 215c.. I can go out of the menu and to watch, but it will not sett. It stands only 27/000.. No matter what i try, the 000c will not change.
  6. I have had a lot of problems with my UM. Now the problem is that it woundt heat it self up. The UM controller shows the temperature (27c), but i cant set a temp for the nozzle. It stands 27/000C.. I cannot set a goal for the temperature.. If I am starting a print, it stands Heating..., but it will not set a temp.
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