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  1. Ah, thank you Daid. I assumed it was an error condition because Cura failed to activate the extruder motor when the reboot happened. Good to know that (the reboot) is intended behavior.
  2. Daid, That is helpful, but it doesn't address the main question I have. Do the messages above look to you like the system restarted when the configWizard script tried to activate the filament drive motor?
  3. Sorry in advance if this is off-topic; I'm not sure exactly where to post this. My partner Jennifer and I are in the process of trying to get our Ultimaker to work and it is a huge headache. The machine is displaying some odd behavior, like powering up the fans and lights when we connect it to our laptops via the USB cable - it does this even if the power cable for the printer is not connected yet. It's definitely drawing power over the USB connection, which neither of us thought was normal. I tried using the latest Cura download from github last night to run a calibration test. The first
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