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  1. Hey Martin Are you having this behavior on your filament when you are trying to print anything? I haven't found an answer neither, the only way I can print is removing the damaged filament while the printer is paused, and then continue printing (I'm using Cura 12.08) but is a pain in the ass to be checking the printer for hours. I've tried to print the same feeder than you but i haven't had luck with it. I keep looking an answer as you. I hope some day we found it. P.S. Sry for my english
  2. Hi guys I've been having problems with some prints. I'm using cura 12.07 and since V0.3 this has been a problem. With some large prints, there is a point in which the filament just wear so much that the motor isn't able to pull it to the nozzle and the prints just stops. As you can see on the image. Then I started to play with the settings, but there is always the same problem in the same point regardless the settings. Someone has found out a way to solve it? There are some feeders on thingverse with bearings or springs to avoid a lot of friction on those parts but i haven't had lu
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