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  1. I find it unlikely that the trimpots don't have anymore hard stops... but since they are small and fragile, did you by accident turned them past the end stop? anyway, since the trimpot has 3 connectors, the side with the 2 is considered down, or south, or 6 o'clock. the moving part should also have some indicator where the center is. the trimpot has a movement that ranges from 7 o'clock all the way around to 5 o'clock, taking the metaphor of a clock face. the normal setting for the steppers is around half past 9 o'clock, or 9.30, 9 is probably OK, 10 is probably on the higher end. do not turn the trimpots past 11 or 12 o'clock Thanks! the 9:00 setting worked. FYI.. none of the drivers had hard stops on the trimpots - and I was being very careful when turning them. The screws to adjust the trim pots have two flats on them, the larger flat is the "tail" of the arrow that points to the centerline, and the smaller flat on the opposide side is the "head" of the arrow - so this should point to 9:30.
  2. So, I read through the ultimaker electronics build guide page ( http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Electronics_build_guide ) and I attempted to turn down the trimpots counter clockwise. But, the new versions don't have mechanical stops apparently. So, I don't know where the proper setting is anymore. How can I at the very least figure out how to get these back to their factory setting? Right now neither the X or Y motors will run.
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