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  1. Circles are slightly oval, but I'm not sure belt tension can completely explain this. This is a pic of what the nickel calibration test that I did was supposed to look like. Instead of what is shown above, My print was a bit messier. The walls of the slots were separated from the infill by about 1mm on both sides of the walls on the X axis. The circle had a similar problem. However the Y axis connected all of it's walls just fine.
  2. Hello all, I have run into a problem that is tripping me up, so i thought I might as well see if any one here has a solution. My printer has been placing the walls of my recent prints in a strange fashion as of late, with no apparent explanation. If you were ti draw an imaginary line down the middle of the machine, the walls on the left are printed too close together, so much so that the infill goes beyond the walls. On the right side, the opposite happens, with the machine printing the walls far out enough that the walls and infill are seperated by about 1mm. This is a consistent issue, and changes to the software seem to have no effect. Also, the machine has no obvious problems, and the first few prints were if excelent quality. This problem just started to happen, even though there were no changes in setting from the best to worst prints. I am running cura with a stock machine.
  3. Thanks for the reply's, I think that my problem is exactly what Daid is talking about, as my settings remained the same the entire time. As soon as I am running again, I will print that upgrade he recommended. Thanks for your input.
  4. This may be a non-issue for you Edgar, but It was for me and I thought that i might post a fix for it at the same time. In my experience, the bowden tube tends to slip up away from the PEEK insulator during printing, thus allowing melted plastic to flow up and between the bowden tube and the PEEK insulator. This hardens and causes a nasty jam, but adding this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11864 cured the problem. If this particular quirk hasn't affected you, more power to you. Cheers.
  5. Hi everyone, I recently got my ultimaker functioning after a few tests and trials, and decided to build a printable spool to put the machine through it's paces. The spool is built in many parts, so i can get dialed in on various setting and speeds. The problem that I am having is that the machine is not delivering enough filament to the print bed to make the object when printing at 100mm/s. The machine still printed the object I was building, but the lines of filament seemed pulled, and the top of the object seemed to be made up of individual lines of plastic that were not touching their neighbors instead of a flat, whole and solid surface. Anyone experienced this before? and is there a fix? Running with: 3mm red Ultimachine PLA (2.81mm actual diameter) Standard cura firmware and default print profile (apart frome the 100mm/s print speed, of course) stock extruder and hotend printed bowden tube clamp on the hotend no fan
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