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    Rather than purchasing the large and heavy concrete base from Ikea, I decided to strap my umbrella to our balcony railing. However the pointy bottom of the umbrella tends to slide around a fair bit. I created and printed this miniature base which fits nicely over the bottom of the umbrella. Once printed, you can attach a non-sliding foam or felt material to improve stability. bob..
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a really strange problem with STL that I generated from my Solidworks package. When I import the STL into Cura, I have to rotate the model 90 deg. to have it positioned in a printable fashion. Looking at the model using the "Scale" settings panel, all of the dimentions look right. However, upon printing the model, the actual physical dimensions are about 25% smaller than the STL itself. (eg: If I have a 20mm tube bring printed, it actually prints at 15mm.) Can anyone make a suggestion as to why this might be happening? I am building a tube that is using a 1mm shell,
  3. I received mine this week. I have to head out for a business trip, so I can't install mine right away. Can anyone that has installed these describe what they experience? Markus, When I visit München this fall, I would like to meet up an say "hi"! Thanks for the R&D! bob..
  4. Which software package are you using to model this? (Solidworks Pro?) bob.
  5. Please send me a set of 8, too. Attach me to the US shipment, if possible. PM me with payment details. Thanks! bob.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a brand new Ultimaker kit, still in its box. This one has the new v2 hot end as well as the Ulticontroller Kit. It also includes 125 meters of 3mm PLA Black, as well as 125 meters of 3mm PLA white. (The kit included some gold PLA, too.) I paid $1800 US for the kit, as well as $100 for the PLA. If you are not interested in waiting for an Ultimaker kit to arrive, I will sell my kit for what I paid, plus shipping. (Shipped from California) Please send a Private Message if you are interested. Bob..
  7. Odd.. I didn't see a Cocoa version of v2.7 or v2.8 on the wxPython site. The documentation also indicates that those installers are Carbon based. What are you missing for a "turnkey" Cura installer on the Mac? bob.
  8. Hi Everyone, If anyone is using MacOSX 10.8.x, you will need to use the "Cocoa" version of the wxPython 2.9 library. I followed the instructions provided on the Cura website, but just used the "Development" version of wxPython 2.9. instead of the earlier releases. This seems to provide MacOSX 10.8.x. So far, things look as if they work. But I have't used the software yet. Certainly, as time goes on, the Cocoa version will be the only way to go. The Carbon libraries will not work with future versions of MacOSX. (Daid, I run a company that does MacOSX development. Private message me, if you
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