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  1. I use an UMO, and I'm having some problems with the temperature. I'll try to be as detailed as possible. When I turn on the printer I usually get the MINTEMP error, and this happens when the nozzle is cold (room temp is about 22C). If I touch the back of the TC Board (little board on top that connects to TC) or even bring my hand close to it the temp reading goes up a bit, sometimes just above 12C or sometimes even room temperature. So I keep my hand like this close to the TC board until I can get the nozzle to heat up a bit via the Ulti Controller and once temp is above something
  2. Thanks! I try not to change it randomly, I usually run the test using printurn with the extruder hot.I just tried puting it down a bit, but apparently its some other problem.
  3. Hi, I am having a problem where my machine is simply pulling too much filament. It happens with Cura and ocasionally if I use RepG. Truth be told I don't want to go to SF, because its way more complicated and I'm getting good prints with Cura (as long as they are small). I mean, they have to be VERY small. If the printing is over 10 or 15 minutes the pressure on the Bowden tube becomes inmense, causing it to pop out of the clamp, or something else. In one ocassion the extrusion wheel got sort of "eaten" by the extruder motor plastic gear. I tried changing the steps per e, but still, I'm down
  4. Hi, I'm printing with 3mm PLA, usually with Cura or RepG using sf 50. However I'm not sure how to calculate the cost of my prints. In Cura I was able to set the price/kg preference and it makes an estimate when I slice but not sure how accurate it is. There is also a price/m feature that I'd like to set but don't know how to calculate how much plastic (in meter, mm, foot, whatever distance measure) is there in a kg (or lb for that matter). Also, the default filament diameter in Cura is 2.89, but I haven't been able to measure it exactly since I don't have a scaliper or micrometer, is this rea
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