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  1. Before probing my machine i would like to get feedback from support. I am astonished that they still didn't reply
  2. The rods are well olied. Yes I have a tester to measure voltage. the shutdown too is quote consistent
  3. I refer to the main electronic board. Still, i always print via SD card
  4. I tried disconnecting all end stop switches (I disconnect also the home switches after the print starts) After a printing a few layers now the printer controller resets (like turning the power off/on). I checked and cleaned from dust the controller fan but no effect
  5. What do you mean with stopping /restarting it?
  6. The fact that the issue reproduces consistently make me doubt that the issue is a mechanical one. However i will verify
  7. Hello, after using my printer (Ultimaker Original with Hot end UpgradeV2) for around two years, I am no longer unable to correctly print. In several prints, after printing a few layers correctly, the printer head starts to move erratically outside the correct path ruining every print. The behaviour always seem to occur after a few layers. I attempted to print two newly designed STL with the same results. I updated the slicer software (Cura and Netfabb) and the problem occurs with the Gcode of either application. With the Cura update (14.01) I also updated the printer software (Arduino dri
  8. I am trying to print a big object: with a base around 200mm x 150mm I sliced it with Netfabb, with a raft (as it's contact surface it's very small) and without support. I am having the following problem: the raft is currectly printed and occupies almost all of one raft dimension, but when the ultimaker start printing the first layer, it prints the objects outside the raft and the printing envelope (it may be a coincidence, but in the secondo run I noticied that it started printing the object exactly in the center of the platform). I verified that the endstops are correctly triggered if
  9. In all my prints sliced with Netfabb I get a spill on the piece at the end of the print. Please see the attachment. This is caused by the nozzle continuing to extrude while is (slowly) retracted on the Z axis. With the prints sliced with Cura I didn't have this kind of issue. Any suggestion on how configurate Netfabb to prevent this?
  10. A picture of the last printed object (80% default speed). Its roundness is still not satsfing me.
  11. After making some prints, I went back to fix the belt tensions as the printer seemed unable to print good-looking round forms. By adding some additional tensioners on the x-axis belt the prints improved, however the X stepper belt seems to have loosened after the assembly. When the stepper changes rotation direction, I can clearly see the belt move a little sideways. Unfortunately I cannot tension it anymore, as the stepper is already at the lowest position allowed by the mounting holes. Before extending these holes, any other point to check or suggestions?
  12. I checked according to your suggestions: a) The filament diameter is between 2.8 and 2.9 mm. b) The small screw holding the heating sensor is firmly in place, it cannot move. I warmed the hotend (which is a V.2) at 180°, opened the material feed and pulled back the filament by hand. At the end of it, i noticed a small burned part that i cut away. I pushed the filament back in the bowden tube and I saw the filament flow through the hotend. So I think that the temperature and the thermocouple is working correctly. I made another print test at 225° and the PLA extrudes from the hotend no
  13. I can confirm that rebooting the PC solved the issue. Thanks for the answer.
  14. When I connect the Ulticontroller to my Ultimaker, is still possible to control the machine via USB? After connecting it, I managed for a while to control the machine with Printrun but after some time it crashed and after any tentative to reconnect failed with "Port already occupied" message.
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