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  1. Here's the TCPView... Something in Cura is continuously receiving packets.... That number constantly grows, even when Cura is "idle".
  2. Sure. Which tool do you think will help in finding why a network connection is slowing down Cura?
  3. Well, I tried it today and it turns out it wasn't the LanSchool program like I was hoping. Here's a video detailing what I'm seeing...
  4. My students are not in the classroom right now, so the network traffic isn't what it was earlier. I can attempt to get that information next week when everyone's in the classroom again. The CPU (i7) and memory (32GB) are not shown as bogged down in the TM, and LanSchool hasn't caused issues with other intensive programs, such as Solidworks or Adobe CC. While Cura is locked up, the rest of the machine is fully functional. There is a log loaded into my response on the 3.3 Beta Introduction post that ought to show what the logs look like when it's bogged down.
  5. I think I have isolated a major software clash. LanSchool, software used to monitor computers in a lab setting, and Cura ran together results in very poor Cura performance. However, if you exit LanSchool completely, including the LskHelper in the Task Manager, there is a significant increase in performance.
  6. Is there a way to disable the camera monitor? I have checked preferences and such but cannot seem to find anything.
  7. I'm still noticing very diminished speed when connected to the network vs network disabled. Brand new computer with no previous Cura installs and plenty of hardware to handle slicing. cura.log
  8. I haven't tried it with my Macbook, but with my Windows machine, disconnecting from the network enabled it to work like a champ. You could give that a try to get your settings right, reconnect and send to the printer. If you haven't already gone into the plugins menu for customizing Cura and deselecting Octoprint, I would do so, as it made a substantial difference for me.
  9. With a wirelessly connected printer and a wirelessly connected computer in a school setting (large network), is it possible this is causing the issue? I can do things on the internet/computer just fine, but whenever the wireless network adapter is active, Cura dies. I started Cura 10 minutes ago and the processes are active in task manager, but Cura has failed to pop up yet.
  10. I tried this and there was no improvement. Without looking at the Cura code itself, I noticed in the logs there are communication requests to the printer, which it obviously needs for the monitor aspect. Is it possible this is what is slowing it down? Could there be a way to toggle the feed/communication? Perhaps have it send a picture every .5 second versus video?
  11. Yes. Even initial start up is ridiculously slow, but when disconnected from the network, it's substantially (100 times) faster...
  12. This is EXACTLY what I'm seeing... I suppose the work around could be disconnect, slice, reconnect, print, but that seems to be a lot more steps than intended...
  13. Sorry for hijacking your thread wrek... What's the best way to submit logs? Through email, forum, or direct messages?
  14. This is the problem I keep having. The program hangs, it doesn't "crash" so it's not creating any logs that I'm aware of. Is there a log location that I'm not finding???
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