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  1. Hi , I've got the same issue & I've made a video about it... Is it the same problem you are experiencing ? did you find a way to solve it?
  2. So i'm printing with an ultimaker + ultimaker filament and using Cura 12.10 on the mac. The belts are tensioned well as in the vid. of Erik , the bed is leveled so that the first layer sticks well. You can see the printed pieces underneath, the final result is the best I can do... Printed with layer thickness of 0,1mm @75mm/s wall thickness 1,2mm fill density 30% (lines) bottom / top thickness 0,6mm temp. 220°C filament Dia. 2,89 with fill density set at 97% initial layer thickness: +0,3mm extra wall thickness bottom top : +0,2mm infill overlap 20% This Square has a dimension of
  3. Hi all, I installed the latest version of Cura on the mac and updated to the latest firmware. Now, I want to give netfabb a go... I choose the ultimaker machine with a baudrate of 250000 and select the correct input (usb....) When i click connect (in the usb section) I hear the machine clicking and making some sounds, but it does not connect. :cry: Any help with this ? It's the latest ultimaker (ATMEGA2560?), and i installed the latest firmware trough Cura 12.10. (Mac OSX lion) (netfabb 4.9.3)
  4. It's definitely bad cheap filament, the red filament delivered with the ultimaker does not show these blobs. Measuring the filament it varied from 2,76mm till 2,92mm. So I guess this topic should really be in the cura section.. :roll:
  5. I'm trying to improve the print quality one my ultimaker, you can see the tiny blobs on there. too much filament = correct diameter? to hot currently 200°C ? Also the top extrusion is very bad, it ruined the piece... Using Cura 10.9 an mac. Mendelworld PLA filament "3mm" the back worked out great.
  6. I recognize these problems, and guess that your belt tension is not yet correct. Check this by ultimakerYou should soon see that the harmonic vibration of your belts isn't high pitched enough !!edit!! Mind that the correct belt tension should resemble about 7mm when u push it in the middle.
  7. I had this issue aswell printing a couple of these belt tensioners using the project planner; http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19892
  8. It's working thanks a million times, you made my day , week , month ... ! :mrgreen:
  9. Could you tell me which version to install? Or even pass me a link?
  10. As you can see I started to use the cura on my imac. the export versioner works perfect with pronterface... the first time this worked fine with cura, I skipped all the steps (because it was allready configured with a pc before) Then I got this error and now I can't start Cura... Any help? Last login: Sun Oct 21 20:57:56 on ttys001 iMac-J-en-K:~ kristofderuyttere$ export VERSIONER_PYTHON_PREFER_32_BIT=yes iMac-J-en-K:~ kristofderuyttere$ /Applications/osx64-Cura-12.08/Cura/cura.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Applications/osx64-Cura-12.08/Cura/cura.py", line 80, in
  11. Hi, I'm planning to build myself an Ultimaker in October with this workshop, tough I have some questions I'd like to have answered first. The printer would be connected to an Ulticontroller and print in a seperate room apart from the iMac. Is it so; - that the first time you will need to hook it up to a computer for calibrating ? - after the first calibration, you can transfer/copy the settings to another pc and program there, aswell as making all the tweaks? Also, how trustworthy is it to let an Ultimaker print overnight, or when not at home ( risk of fire or self-damaging machine) ? t
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