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  1. Sorry for late reply. I was little busy during weekend and havent had a chance to work on the printer. But I came back home tonight after work and I checked extruder drive and wiped filament before testing. I tried printing a small object with 240C, 0.2mm, and 40mm/s but no luck. So I just heated up the nozzle to 240 just to see if I can extrude PLA. Unfortunately I couldnt extrude any but the retraction was working fine. And like gr5 told me to, I set the nozzle temp to 105, soak water on q-tip, and touched nozzle but no sizzling. But at 240 temp, water sizzled though. Now I am pretty stuck and dont know what I am going to do. Please help. Thank you
  2. Thank you all for your feedback. I am at work now but I will take some pictures and post it later. But as for my print settings, I just used fast lowest quality print setting in Cura. I am no expert so I didnt even think about using advanced setting at all. I think the temperature was 210C default so I just used that too. I believe the lever is completely down and I set the spring compressed to 11mm. Temperature seems pretty consistent without too much curves on the graph. I kind of worry that I sat my printer filament out for long, there might be a chance that there are lots of dust on it. I didnt realize I have to clean the dust. However I will try the temp and speed setting that illuminarti suggested me later and see if it prints better. Hopefully not a major problem which I have to remove the nozzle and clean. Dave
  3. Hi guys I am a total newbie and I dont even know how to start. As you can see on the photo, the print starts pretty well but after several layer, the PLA doesnt extrude well and the print failed. It didnt happen when I first bought Ultimaker but recently it keeps happening on me. So I assumed the problem is from the extruder so I purchased extrude drive upgrade and just installed but the problem still happens. I drew black mark on the filament to see if the mark is going up. I see the PLA feeding is very inconsistent. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it doesnt, even the extruder is rotating. I dont know what the problem is. Temperature seems ok though. I set it at 210C. I googled regarding about the issue but I cant find good solution. Someone please help me with this. I really want to print toys for my niece but I am struggling so much. :( Dave
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