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  1. It's been a while since i ran my umo and i seem to be running into the issue that my z steps per mm is set to 200 instead of 533.3. is there a reason for this?
  2. Did you test if the endstop actually switch. You can adjust the position of them so that they switch. For the X-axis right(+) side i had to mill out the slots to get them to switch.
  3. Cool mate looking forward to it. If there is a need for some testing i'll be available for that. On the point of dwindle: Since the printing process is somewhat complex wouldn't it be good not to remove settings so that people who want to use these options can. Also, the ability to set different speeds for infill and perimeters would be nice.
  4. Oh and i do like the black background. It is in autocad for contrast reasons and i do like working with systems that have that. It's much easier on the eyes. Although it's no as sexy as it could be percieved
  5. Well the main thing i'd like to see changed is grouping op print settings. In cura they are spead out. For instance the dwindle setting is in verry much hidden and separate from the other settings. Should also be in a profile. I verry much like the slicer grouping of settings and the ability to set various speeds an infill patterns and perimeters. Basically i would say everything that influences the g-code output should be in the same section. Everything that infuences the display also, etc. Of course without overwhelming users (see repG skeinforge dialog) with to much options but also provid
  6. The new extruder drive worked verry wel for me. Higher temperatures for higher speeds are also needed. If you are able try experimenting with temperature while printing. I learned a lot from that.
  7. Although Cura has a really good ui design I'd really like to make some suggestions. Where will or is the best place to make these suggestions?
  8. Where does steps per E come into play? I saw it configured in cura but there is also a steps per e value in the firmware. Which one is used? Should they be the same?
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