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  1. thank you for the fantastic manual! it really is a tremendous improvement. I now also upgraded the e driver. while you still hear retraction quite well, the main noise source now is my print head fan (which is amazing!)
  2. yes, the nice alu ones are way too big. the other ones are not in stock right now, they would probably fit, though...
  3. hi tommy no worries, I mounted the sinks correctly. I meant the sinks I ordered don't fit into ultimakers fan 'channel' design (the plywood that channels the cooling air over the stepper boards). I might have to redesign that part anyway though... I'm using this design at the moment: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-replacement-electronics-fan
  4. hey tommy thanks for your reply! You were right, voltage was way too high. I recently changed my electronics cooling to 2x40mm fans. It seems even a VREF of 1.25V caused the drivers to overheat. I have now tuned them back to around 0.85V and printing is flawless, at least for a 30 minute print. I'll now try a longer print and see wether I might have to improve cooling. I also just reused the heatsinks of my old drivers because the aluminium ones I ordered were too high . I'm now incredibly happy with my setup, direct drive, GT2 and the new drivers make a huge difference to my printing experience and should also decrease maintenance a bit. Less moving parts is always great!
  5. the chips are now tuned to around 1.6V (turning the potentiometer clockwise) and my printer is now actually behaving worse. How can that be? I followed the instructions really closely, MS1, MS2 and MS3 are disconnected, the firmware updated correctly. My first test print is perfect until the moment when I lost lots of steps. has anyone of you got a clue how I could solve that? maybe it has happened to someone else, too? asmentioned, the mechanics of the printer are flawless (imho).
  6. never mind. I misread, VREF should be a bit over 1.6V, I'll try later and come back with the results
  7. I finally installed my silentstepsticks and so far I'm quite happy with it (especially the noise or lack there of!). my x-axis was acting up though during a test print. I have two shifts of around 10mm, once to the right and a little later to the left. What could be the cause of this? I have just installed direct drive and GT2 belts, movement is butter smooth... maybe a faulty chip? any ideas? VREF is set to around 1.3V right now. Can it be too high?
  8. I think I should test that. maybe I can find this post. one maybe important detail: I tried to increase temperature to see if that would help. Is it normal to get a max temp error at 275°C? edit: I just checked, this is indeed the maximum, so this shouldn't be a problem
  9. hi neotko as far as I can tell: - ptfe isolator in good condition, I can't see any deform, but will check again - brass heat barrel seems to be fine, although it's not shiny brass anymore (normal I guess?) - no previous leak, I installed the new nozzle maybe 6 months ago, no problems so far
  10. hi peggy thanks for your reply. yes, everything described above is without the feeder, pushing the filament in above the print head by hand.
  11. hello ultimaker community I have an ultimaker original for now almost three years. I have made several upgrades to it and until very recently it has been one incredibly fine and precise machine and I have had a so much fun and productive time with it. now suddenly extrusion doesn't work at all. I have had similar issues before, mostly gone since I installed the upgraded nozzle construction. it is incredibly hard to extrude filament, even by hand. first I thought it might be the bowden tube. this happened to me before; brittle filament blocking smooth movement within the bowden tube. so I removed the bowden tube and tried to feed filament directly into the nozzle. it was still almost impossible. so I decided to remove the nozzle and take it apart, just like I sometimes had to do with the original nozzle. but even without the ptfe couple movement was still really hard. I then took the nozzle apart completely and cleaned it. I could see through and couldn't find anything obstructing the filament movement. I have now reassembled the nozzle, everything fits tight and is assembled as it should be. so I just tried to feed new filament into the nozzle but still didn't have any luck... I would say I'm quite an experienced ultimaker user and I have to say I kind of am at the end of my possibilities. does anyone know what could be the problem? could there be a problem with temperature? cura displays the correct temperature, but maybe the sensor is broken? did I miss anything, what else could hinder the filament from extruding? again, the problem is definitely somewhere around the nozzle... thank you so much for any advice! best regards yves
  12. hey daid, I'd love to take the new cura for a spin as well... regular dura user in the area of architecture/prototyping.
  13. great! I'm looking forward to this release, thank you.
  14. ok I think I've found the issue. there was indeed a loose contact on my temp sensor thingy above the printhead. the cables are tightly fixed but there seems to be an issue on the board itself. I'll have to narrow that down further. another issue though, daid, which I think is software related: sometimes when opening print run, the temperature graph doesn't appear. usually restarting print run or ultimaker helps... is that a known issue?
  15. oh, ah sorry, I dind't see that. so I guess I'll have to check the thermistor/sensor cables?
  16. ok, it happened again, this time at the very beginning (see screenshot)
  17. hm I tried to print it twice yesterday and I'm quite certain it said extruder changed. is there a log file somewhere for the mac version? if not I'll just try to print it again and report back to you. thanks : )
  18. hello there I was trying to print something yesterday but unfortunately the print stopped halfway, giving me an error along the lines of 'extruder changed'. what could cause that? it happend twice at the same position in the model... some faulty gcode? I slice it without any special settings in cura... thanks for any help!
  19. I just ordered filament at a german supplier I just had to realise that the filament is too thick to be used with my ultimaker : (. do you know a good shop in the european area you could recommend? thanks...
  20. hey daid thank's for your reply, I'll try the sewing machine oil...
  21. I realised yesterday how much of a difference it makes to have your ultimaker greased. while moving my printhead by hand I could always feel quite some friction but I always thought that's normal, and I was also greasing it at times with the lubricant that came with my ultimaker. well, yesterday I tried to use wd40 to grease the rods, and guess what, suddenly my prints are incredibly smooth... maybe that's a very obvious fact to you, but I'm very excited right now of what kind of quality the ultimaker is capable of...
  22. as I said, I validated the diameter as well as I could. so you're saying this could account for as much difference as I notice? I don't really think this can be the issue though, because my filament is rather more than the stated 2.85 (which would result in more material extruded than set).
  23. I don't have a way to digitally measure my filament, but 2.85 should be more or less correct I think.
  24. my ultimaker is working very nicely in general. I have one mayor issue though. I can't seem to get steps per E under control. sometimes it seems fine, other times there is simply not enough material extruded (never had the issue of blobbing/too much material. now if I use the wizard to configure the setting I arrive at around 810 to 820 steps which is nowhere near enough if I then try to print. I mostly use around 880 steps which mostly works fine (but sometimes doesn't). have you made similiar observations or is something wrong with my setup? (note that if I rerun the test and I use the calculated values my ultimaker extrudes exactly 100 mm, so the calculation at least is correct). oh and by the way, why doesn't cura have a material multiplier while printing? that would make it really easy to save a print...
  25. thank you both for your replies. not sure though yet how to handle that problem. the gaps are consistent but always only in one direction so that sure sounds like backlash. but my belts are super tight... long belts and timing belts, so that can't be the issue. does pulley slippage have a similar effect on the prints? I'll check this afternoon...
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