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  1. Hello, The way Ultimaker team updated the machine to the dual extrusion puzzled me ! I have upgraded mine for about 5~6 months, it is working fine and the header mecanism is not higher... I put my 2 nozzles in front of the machine and i design new fan supports that fit fine (the head can move every where). http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:62528 I solved the old fan support problem with this new design... Pictures : http://www.mirari.fr/Wfl7 http://www.mirari.fr/XreI I print the fan support with ABS because my last PLA supports was melding when i print with ABS (heated bed up to 120°c).
  2. It was due to i put a teflon cover over the bed... It wan't flat and tough...
  3. Hello, This is about tools compensation... The noozle of the printer is about 0.4mm width and most of slicer doesn't compensate it (it is even wider when it is printed). The noozle follow the edge without spacing about 0.5mm. Kisslicer do this tools compensation ! But i don't know how to configure it... I mean how to modify the width of this compensation. With netfabb, you need to add (on the XY plan) about (0.5*2)mm width to all your inner holes (and may sub to the outer edges too...) This is strange due to this is not complicated to push the nozzle Xmm away from the edge... I can't pri
  4. Hello, I finnaly found the solution ! My feeder mecanisme wasn't right due to i have inverted the mecanism...so i have inverted the axe in the firmware. But, netfabb does a strange pullback... The firmware and the hardware are all right ! Thanks for your help See ya.
  5. Hello, I have done as illuminarti said and it works ! I have configurated the firmware to limit the speed limit of the feeder motor to 22mm/s Thanks to all. There is another problem. I tried to print with 2 extruders but the second extruder motor doesn't work... It seems to be a netfabb trouble but nothing is sure ! I'll try others things... I'm not sure this is a firmware problem... I any body have a solution thanks to share it with us See ya
  6. This is strange... When i generate the config file i got : #define TEMP_SENSOR_BED 1 #define BED_USES_THERMISTOR #define THERMISTORBED 1 For an 100k thermistor... See ya.
  7. I got marlin from this link : https://github.com/Ultimaker/Marlin I have configured to get 2 hotends and an heated bed. I have compiled and flashed my Ultimaker. When i started it, it was ok (i like the new UControler menu). I'm able to heat the two noozles and the bed First trouble : I like the new way we can move the axes. But, when i go to move the extruder's axes there is only one Extruder in the menu and this one doesn't move... Second trouble : I tried to print. The extruder motor of the first noozle move (i start with a simple print on one noozle) but the pullback is too quick
  8. Re, I tried your link with Internet Explorer and it is working ! There is a problem with firefox... Thanks for your help. Best regards, TigrouxMaker
  9. Hello Illuminarti, Thanks for your answer. I already tried to download marlin sources from the github server but the links are dead... I'm thinking about getting marlin sources from some members of this forum... Thanks again. Best regards, TigrouxMaker
  10. Hello. I decided to modify my Ultimaker in order to have two extruders. After i achived the modification, i was looking for Marlin firmware with two extrudeurs configuration. It seems cura is not quite good for this kind of updates...so i decided to build my own Marlin firmware. I know how to compile the sources and i get the good .h configuration but i can't found the sources of marlin firmware. If any body could help me to find that sources. Thanks for your help. Best regards, TigrouxMaker
  11. Pour le Ulticontorler il faut mettre l'imprimante à jour suivant un firmware qui prend bien en compte l'Ulticontorler. Je crois que c'est ici que tu vas trouver ton bonheur : http://daid.eu/~daid/marlin_build/ Bonne impression
  12. Bonsoir, Le PLA est dit biodégradable mais tu peux toujours le vernir ou le peindre pour le protéger
  13. Bonsoir, Je vous propose ma solution : http://replica-3d.fr/category/plateau-chauffant/ Elle fonctionne très bien chez moi. Merci à Didier3D de m'avoir proposé d'écrire sur son blog. J'espère que cela va vous aider, car c'est fait pour Nous tenterons de répondre autant que possible aux questions. A+
  14. I success to print without an hard colision that take the printing object away... :? I reduce the raft extrution (of 50%) and i reduce the global extrusion too (70%). :roll: It seems to be ok for a small print... :? If you have any others ideas or solved any troubles like this, thanks for your help. :mrgreen: regards, TigrouxMaker
  15. Thanks for your answer, i tought i was alone with this problem There is two solution. Get the limit switch futher (we need to drill the wood). It is possible to modify the air flow controler too.
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