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  1. Hi Daid, Thanks for that info. So we are comming closer. I have opened my first printed Thing (calobration cylinder) to show the structure. I have generated a 3D model with faceworx and tried to print this. Putting the head with it's back on the table, the printer has started successfully to print. After about the half (about 8cm in diameter), the thin shelf without this sparse infill, was to weak to resist to the forces generated by the extruder and I was forced to stop the process. Now how can this sparse infill be generated and added to the sliced data? What I have seen in the above
  2. Good to know I'n not the only beginner In the attachment you can see the structure I'm talking about. No idea what the technical matching expression is for that. The inner little walls are keeping the outer shell in form. How can this little walls be generated. Is there a simply function in a program or do they have to be designed in a CAD program one by one? Cheers Koni
  3. Hi everybody, I'm a newbie but also happy new ultimaker-owner and was already able to successfully print my first things. I'm most interested into designing and printing of 3D models of head's and hands most used for scale modelplanes-pilots. I was already able to generate 3D models of heads of my club colleagues out of 2D fotographs. Now printing is difficult because of the missing inner enforcing "walls" or structure. The outer shelf seems to be to fragile. How and where (which SW) can this inner structure be added to the 3D model? Is there already a function in some standard SW avail
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