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  1. All, just FYI... I found out that Cubify from 3D systems had a demo booth at my local mall in Charlotte so I went down there to check it out. Not a bad system for the user friendly crowd, but... any part that had a flat bottom you could visually see warpage. It was enough to me that any part would be too far out of tolerance to be practical. I know that the Cubify uses ABS with a heated platform and Ultimaker does not. Does PLA give you warped parts on the Ultimaker or is it more dimensionally stable?
  2. I do expect it will not be as easy as the Stratasys to run, but as Daid pointed out, this also doesn't cost $180k. I guess I was wondering how much time to expect building versus managing the machine. Basically I want a printer and not a project. I don't mind a few weeks of assembly and tweaking but would like it to keep the success rate at least above 90% after that. I was also looking at Cubify but there are clear disadvantages to that system (plug and play is it's main or only advantage over Ultimaker).
  3. Looking for some guidance/feedback from everyone. I want to pull the trigger and buy an Ultimaker but want to know what to expect with regards to how glitchy or reliable it will be. Comparatively, I use a Stratasys machine at work and it's very reliable and consistent. I guess my basic question is how the Ultimaker would compare. I like everything about the specs on the Ultimaker but after reading through the troubleshooting section it scared me off a bit. How tempermental will this machine be once I get it set up and calibrated?
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