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  1. Hi and Thanx for the Tipp. I believe it would be better to place such a Button on the left where it is always visible... or other Solution is to set minimal Width of the targetted Window... now I know where to look for... Thanx again!
  2. I added two Entries in the Plug-In Section but was not able to remove one that is not required anymore. Where is the Option to remove such Entries?
  3. When showing the single Layers in Cura, not all look the same (thick Lines). Then Engine shows some Layers with thin Lines. Is this a Bug or a Problem of my PC?
  4. Hi ThinkerGnome Thank You for the Tipp. I copied the older Files to the new RC9 Folder. That solved my Problem. Greets Christian
  5. Hi Daid Can You pleae tell us where this new Location is? I changed from RC5 to RC9 and lost all my Settings. It would be great to have the Settings on a save Place. ;-} this Way I can save the Settings also on my Server for later Installations of Cura. Greet Christian
  6. Hi Daid I made a Mistake and uninstalled a previous Version of Cura. But before I saved a Profile in Beleive that all Settings are stored in it on my Server. After installing a newer Version of Cura and loading the previous stored Profile I observed that not all Settings are loaded back. It would be nice to have Cura using a general Setting that uses a Environment Varialble so that the current Settings are detected and loaded when installing a newer Version of Cura. As of my Mistake I lost all the previous perfect Settings and now I have to experiment a lot to get back my working Setting
  7. The plugin doesn't support "Print one at a time" mode this might be the Problem, even if I only print one Part....
  8. I can't get it working... The Item is the following: http://www.dipic.org/PFS_1.stl Layer Height: 0.1mm Cut Off Object Bottom: 0.0mm M3 Nut insert: (Pause required at): 15.5mm The Plug-In does not make a Pause at the required Height and I don't know why. What am I doing wrong with this Part/Plug-In? (latest Cura used)
  9. I have seen that it needs some Time to update the Layer View. Changes are not displayed direct after I make it. It works with 0.1mm Layer Height and is easyer to set this Way. (13.6mm = Layer 136)
  10. Hi All Layers are set to the same (0.2mm). It seems that the Plug-In does only make a Pause when the Value is a litlte over the choosen Layer. There is no Offset or so for the first Layer and therefore it should mak the Pause at the selected Layer (68 in my Case).
  11. The Plug-In may have a Problem. I used an Item to print with Layerheight of 0.2mm and wanted to insert a Nut at 13.6mm (Layer 68) but there is no Pause at this Height. It only does this Pause at 13.5mm instead. I beleive that it would be helpful to have also displayes at which Layer the Pause should happen (Layer 68 => 13.6mm). This is helpful because in Cura you can select every Layer wit Shift-Up/Down and see where the Pause is useful.
  12. I have an original Ultimaker (DIY Kit). The Reason why I have only 85% is that the Surface is much smoother with this Setting than with 100%. I also use less on the first Layer because the Pressure is less on the Nozzle and I dont get "Elephant Foots" on my Prints.This is my Experience with my UM. When the Amount of Plastic is as exact as possible, the Prints come out much better. After my Changes, the Prints cone out perfect. It was just because I installed another (newer) Version of Cura (15RC5) and there was somethig left from an older Version which made this Trouble. Uninstalling the old
  13. After changing once the Value "15" in the Infill of the Expert Settings, the Problen disappeared! There must be a Problem with a new Installation of Cura (mybe the Profiles used). The solid Top is now really solif and not just for one Layer. If anyone has the same Problem: try to change this Value one time to another and then back to 15. For me this worked. http://www.dipic.org/TopAfterChange.png
  14. these are my Settings for the Print: http://www.dipic.org/Cura_BasicSettings.png http://www.dipic.org/Cura_AdvancedSettings.png http://www.dipic.org/Cura_ExpertSettings.png and this is one of the STL Files I tried to print with it: http://www.dipic.org/G43W.stl%C2%A0%C2%A0%20(right-click%20to%20download%20and%20save) (right click and save to download it)
  15. I observed that the Top of an Object is not solid filled when Fillamount is set to less than 100%. Try this: create a Cylinder of 50mm Diameter and set Top/Bottom Shell thicknes to 1.4. Set the Infillamount to 26% and Bottom/Top thicknes to 1. Slice the Object and see the Layers before change fron 26% Infill to solid. The Lines have the same Distance but are not solid (Lines touching each other). Layer height is set to 0.2mm. http://www.dipic.org/BeforeTop.png http://www.dipic.org/Top.png http://www.dipic.org/AfterTop.png The Images shows the Layer before Top Layer, Top Layer and first L
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