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  1. Ultimaker 3 Print Hood falling

    your fan bracket not closing properly might also be related to your problems with active leveling (other thread). The measurement pcb is located in this bracket, and when it moves during leveling, this will influence the results.
  2. Clogged BB Core

    temperatures used to be in those help articles. Maybe they took those out because the printer takes care of that when you follow the built in procedure (UM3 only) (printer also moves the print head into one of the corners, so you can't forget that as well) (edit: I didn't see the responses above)
  3. Clogged BB Core

    Hi @pfordmedia 35 degrees for a cold pull is too low. The material is much too hard to pull out, and will snap like you described. Please follow the instructions on this webpage.
  4. Clogged BB Core

    Please don't put words in my mouth. I mean my statement literally, and I don't mean to imply anything else. Users following my advice profit from thorough testing that takes place within Ultimaker. Users who make other choices have to find out stuff for themselves.
  5. Clogged BB Core

    Disassembly of your print core is not advised and never necessary. With hot pulls and cold pulls it is *always* possible to get your print core going again. Cold pulling with polycarbonate works extra good if you have that. please believe me: PVA printing is reliable on your UM3, if you stick to Cura profiles, UM material and keep ambient relative humidity below 50%.
  6. That is not so weird if you realise that the electrical resistance of copper is dependent on the temperature (resistance increases when it gets hot). So if the heaterplate (of which the tracks are copper) warms up, the power consumption drops.
  7. Single Nozzle Print Setup?

    True that. Switching between different materials may mean extra cleaning although my personal experience is that it is not needed. Some flushing suffices. pro-tip: there is now a timeout on the last bit of the filament loading procedure. After you have confirmed the filament is fed into the feeder, the printer will feed the filament to the printhead and extrude slowly for a minute or so. You can leave the printer unattended, and use this time-out as a flushing procedure. use the latest firmware, because earlier versions do not have this time-out.
  8. Single Nozzle Print Setup?

    Both nozzles are heated before active levelling. This is because we need to squish possible plastic remains during the first probe with each nozzle. @Bossler, you mention "print head cleaning seems to be quite often needed with the UM3". What do you call often? Internal tests have here have shown that print cores do not clog even when not cleaned for 2000h print hours, although there is a slight build-up of yuck inside the melt channel. That is why we advise to clean the BB core every 400h. I think that is pretty reasonable.
  9. The sensor that we have implemented is very light weight and hardly takes any space. The measurement accuracy of the complete system is very high, reproducibility is below 10 microns. Next to that, due to the smart algorithms that we created, we measure the distance between glass and tip of the nozzle. A laser might reach 1 micron accuracy, but a laser does not measure between the tip of the nozzle and the glass plate, so you introduce extra errors. And it will probably be heavier and a lot more expensive.
  10. PLA & PVA... Print-Questions...

    Nice print @kmanstudios! Beautiful.
  11. PLA & PVA... Print-Questions...

    Have you tried printing with all default settings? In the office here, I never see anyone using an ooze shield. I guess because it's not optimal. The default profiles work very good for Ultimaker hardware and materials, for most models at least.
  12. Filament monitor for UM3/UM3E

    It is not so simple. The 4 wires connect to an SPI port in the printer. You cannot connect a simple on/off sensor, and get the behaviour (pause the printer) you want. You will have to create a simple IO connection on the Olimex board, and change the firmware. I have experience with electronics, and did some hobby projects with Arduino, but I would not try such a thing. The UM3 is too complex on the inside.
  13. Clogged BB Core

    Glad you solved the clog. But still interesting to know the root cause. The BB core should not clog, also not after many days of printing. However, a minimum flow is needed. How much PVA was in the layers before it failed? If it has to heat up the nozzle tp print a tiny bit of PVA every layer, it could burn and clog. This is however very rare. Another option (makes more sense) is that there was another reason that there was no flow, for instance entanglement of the filament. Your clog was then the consequence of this. Did you use Cura for slicing? Cura takes care that the not-used nozzle is lowered in temperature.
  14. print head thermal stability (or not!)

    Are you sure this graph is from during printing? Or is this graph from during Active levelling? Behaviour during Active leveling is different on purpose.
  15. print head thermal stability (or not!)

    We're working on the problem with your other nozzle. The problem has been reproduced internally.

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