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  1. Thank you for the post. As my boss had put this together, I briefly checked his work which I did not find erroneous until you pointed it out. Now my belt situation is fixed for sure. The machine is ultimately running smoother, but it has been verified using the UltiController and a caliper that the Y-axis is moving 8mm for every 1mm recorded on the controller. These movements are jerky and are surely the reason my cubes are rectangular. Any suggestions? Hoping I don't need to replace the stepper motor...
  2. Edit: When attempting to print thing 5573, a thin-walled box, it appears that those are not separate layers. It seems my Y axis is scaled to be much longer than my X axis, as the extruder head moves in a definite rectangular pattern.
  3. All, First timer here. My Ultimaker seems to have its axes mixed up during printing, though they move properly in manual control. I have triple checked all the connections and attempted to use all three software variations (not simultaneously). I have gone through most threads and have only seen advice such as use belt tensioners, tighten hardware, etc. This is clearly not the case. For example, I attempted to print a cube another user had been able to print after a similar series of events. Has anyone ever seen this? I have also looked at the gcode for a possible error based on other threads - misplaced/incorrect decimal places. I checked the open and closed orientation of the jumpers on the board as well. Based on simplicity, I am deciding to stick with Cura for now, with an intent to work my way up to NetFabb. I have changed the settings to very slow speeds and correct temperatures for PLA (material of choice) and still no luck.
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