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  1. Indeed i use a non UM heated bed unsing a temperature sensor with 100kOhm

    Figuring out the Temperature sensor was quite straight forward and easy to find in the configuration file.

    Why would a heated bed change the Z stepping resolution? Well, maybe UMs heated bed comes with a new rod... i dont know.

    anyway, i think at least some comments in Configuration.h would nice to avoid that people use wrong values for the z-axis.

    a wrong value there can harm the machine...


  2. Hello.

    Upgrading my ultimaker with a heated bed made me use branch Marlin_UM_HeatedBedUpgrade.

    After some bad (z-compressed) prints i figured out the problem:

    looking into Configuration.h where DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT is defined i find the following:

    #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {78.7402,78.7402,200.0,760*1.1}

    steps per unit for z-axis: 200

    while in branch "Marlin_v1" i find a different value for the z-axis:


    which explains the "compressed" prints and my bent heated aluminium bed...

    changing that value solved the problem.

    The same value for the z-axis (200) is to find in branch Marlin_UM_Original_Plus.

    is this intentional or just simply a mistake?



  3. i was wondering about these underscores... but left them on.

    just unpacked the package osx64-Cura-12.08.tar.gz again using "The unarchiver version 3.3", browsing to the same folder shows me the files with underscores...

    unpacked them via command-line and the underlines are not there...

    so "The Unarchiver" did manipulate the files?!

    Tried again unzipping the tar.gz in the command-line first, and then using "The unarchiver" with the left over .tar file.

    This did work.


    Using the freshly unpacked archive without underscores worked.


  4. Yes.

    The file evaluate.py and evaluate_elements folder exists under these pathes:



    Content of evaluate_elements is:

    -rw-r--r--@ 1 inx staff 0 Jul 6 14:34 __init__.py_

    -rw-r--r--@ 1 inx staff 2110 Apr 3 2012 creation.py_

    -rw-r--r--@ 1 inx staff 3132 Apr 3 2012 document.py_

    -rw-r--r--@ 1 inx staff 6751 Apr 3 2012 setting.py_



  5. Hello.

    I have problems slicing a model in cura 12.08 using Mac osx 10.7.4.

    when i try to "Slice to GCode" i get an error saying:

    "Something went wrong during slicing!", the log reveals:


    File /Applications/ReplicatorG/examples/hexagon.stl is being chain exported.

    Exception traceback in getModuleWithDirectoryPath in archive:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/Applications/Cura-12.08/Cura/cura_sf/fabmetheus_utilities/archive.py", line 244, in getModuleWithDirectoryPath

    folderPluginsModule = __import__(fileName)

    File "/Applications/Cura-12.08/Cura/cura_sf/skeinforge_application/skeinforge_plugins/craft_plugins/carve.py", line 107, in

    from fabmetheus_utilities import svg_writer

    File "/Applications/Cura-12.08/Cura/cura_sf/fabmetheus_utilities/svg_writer.py", line 14, in

    from fabmetheus_utilities.xml_simple_reader import DocumentNode

    File "/Applications/Cura-12.08/Cura/cura_sf/fabmetheus_utilities/xml_simple_reader.py", line 35, in

    from fabmetheus_utilities.geometry.geometry_utilities import evaluate

    File "/Applications/Cura-12.08/Cura/cura_sf/fabmetheus_utilities/geometry/geometry_utilities/evaluate.py", line 10, in

    from fabmetheus_utilities.geometry.geometry_utilities.evaluate_elements import setting

    ImportError: No module named fabmetheus_utilities.geometry.geometry_utilities.evaluate_elements

    That error means; could not import a module with the fileName carve

    and an absolute directory name of /Applications/Cura-12.08/Cura/cura_sf/skeinforge_application/skeinforge_plugins/craft_plugins


    i tried various python 2.7.3 versions: the osx-shipped python 2.7.3, macports python 2.7.3 and the one manually installed one...

    with all versions i get the same error.

    what is wrong?

    tanks for any help.


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