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  1. Joergen, That was a huge help! Changing the packing density to .96 and setting the fan to run at 25% made a big improvement. Still have a little way to go but those 2 tips were a huge step forward. Thanks
  2. I've been running it without the fan on at all. Could this also be a source of the problem? Also, i just ran another test and stopped it due to warping and some abs 'booger' buildup in one spot. See the below photo: This is on a heated bed, no fan running, running Cura 12.07. Packing density set to .85 and pretty much everything else is default
  3. Got my heated bed all hooked up this weekend along with my new abs. Was doing some test prints and came along this problem: I linked above to the 39 second point where you'll see a crack develop and start to open up. Any clues as to why this might be happening or how to prevent it?
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