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  1. Hi, Thanks. I understand that printing without the fan makes the first layer stick better. I definitely don't have "a first layer not sticking" problem as it's pretty hard to get the print off sometimes ;-) So what we're saying is that (apart from the 1st layer) you should always print with the fan on. If so why? Is it to reduce smearing, to ensure subsequent layers stick or that the pla will not be cool enough to print overhangs, etc. or any other reason ? Cheers Niall
  2. Hi, We've just bought 2 Ultimakers for evaluation. I've just finished building the 2nd one and we have a problem with the hot end fan not working. However this is with support. I have been printing without using the fan and the quality seems good. I'm using UM Black PLA @ 210. My question is when would you not print with the fan on? Cheers Niall
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