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  1. that's the down side of single sided cooling, try a different fan shroud or adding a second. the shroud on the umo is a very common problem, one that has been addressed by the community as a whole. for shee dependable cooling i go with gijs's v2 shroud and the right side counterpart to it, both are on thingiverse (sorry on a rush can't go find them atm, but you should be able to find them). but look around, as Ms. Frizzle would say "It's time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"
  2. Makershed.com is the US reseller for Ultimaker. the lower shipping is currently available from there.
  3. This is one thing i love about ya'll, another company would put a CGI model on the bed to make it seem perfect...ya'll put a warped robot on the bed. but it looks from that image like 3 point leveling heated build platform, which is what was asked for XD.
  4. Oh forgot to put the question in sorry. Will the North America distributor have the kits on day 1?
  5. *starts rocking back in forth mumbling "fixed z-stage" to self*
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