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  1. I dont think its possible to print with ABS in any consistent manner. I've try many ways but warping is stronger than me. I use a heated bed, tried with heaters blowing on it, super-glued the base down but it will then warp and split between layers higher up in the print. You might get lucky with a certain shaped print, but most of the time it will warp somewhere. I only print large objects which are more prone to warping.
  2. All good. You guys are great, thanks so much.
  3. Cool, this looks promising. I'll try tonight and let yas know how I got on. Thanks again.
  4. Hi there, I hope you excuse my ignorance. A friend of mine installed a heated bed for me some time back but now the temperature on the bed will only rise as soon as I turn my ultimaker on. I'm still a noob with electronics and my friend is not around any more. It was also nearly the price of a new machine to have it fixed locally. So I'm stuck trying understand whats causing this. The problem first started when I noticed the amps read-out on the power supply started dropping to approximately 2amps and back up to around14amps when it powers the heated bed. Then it stayed at around 2 powering everything but the bed. I have a 19volt power supply, but dial it to use around 17volts. So I checked around the wiring, and under the arduino board I found this wire disconnected from, what looked like the 2 connectors, or should it have only connected with 1? I soldered it back to the 2 connectors, as seen in the first image. This image shows the other side. See the heat marks around the wires on the board? Does that look damaged? The small thing burnt out in this image. I replace it but they heat up very quickly still to dangerous levels. So I replaced the burnt thing (sorry:), reconnected the wire, all looks good but the bed starts heating without setting it to do so and the things in the last image still over heat. I'm guessing the board is damage, but I really don't have any idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
  5. What a great call dude!! It worked perfect, best print for me yet. Done super quick time and I even lowered the layer height. I will probably fill them with plaster to solid them up a bit. Loving cura even more now.
  6. Nothing worked to fix it. I normally don't mind some artifacts on the surface, as it can be cleaned up but this prints has alot of fine detail that cant be cleaned up. I'm trying kisslicer now, but will stay with cura for most work - I love the update with the print dimension display, very handy.
  7. Thanks mate. I didn't have the latest version of cura. Its obviously easy to find now. I'm going to try different infills if this doesn't work.
  8. Thanks a million guys. I'm going to try the sequence now and will let ya know. Though I can't find that option to lift the head. When I tried kisslicer, I couldn't find the options I need to position the print where I wanted it. Something else scare me off it also, might've been just the name. Cheers Nah, the sequence made it worse. Adding an extra wall didn't help either. Lifting the head sounds very interesting now, but still can't see it. Thanks
  9. I'm not sure if its bumping the wall as it travels pass these thinner areas or its leaving some filament behind as its passes. Anyway, I'm trying retraction with jumps only off. If not, maybe wall thickness or the sequence? Anyone know what 'loops' are in sequence? Retraction didn't help.
  10. It just came to me, I should try retraction. Though if there is a setting somewhere or a workaround so that it doesn't travel near the surface that would be great, because when using retraction I found other issue arose. I like to keep it simple as its printing great for me in general, except in these area. I only care for the one side of the print, the curvy side. I will try adding more geometry or less on the straight side to see if that makes it run in another way.
  11. In most cases cura works just great for me, but on certain shapes it will "travel" (I think we call it travel - when the head moves without extruding to another position to start its next level or area) along the face of the surface or just too close to it, damaging the printed area. It only happens for me when doing a certain type of shape, like a semi sphere subtracted out of a wall. I have had it a numerous occasions for different prints. Widening the print doesn't help. I do alot of forms like this and I hope to find a fix or workaround. Here is a screen grab of what I mean: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200858538935987&set=a.10200858540576028.1073741826.1539726292&type=1&theater Big thanks for any help!
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