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  1. A quick question on warping with my same example, in the standing up position. Would placing holes in the back side of this help? Considering the holes won't go all the way through to the detailed face? My guess is yes as it should help ease the overall tension. 2 week wait for the machine has started.
  2. Will this be on all new printers they sell?
  3. Really appreciate your help guys. If I can ask a little more on this. I also read somewhere, tilting the model will help with the top surface. Is this true? If I built a support base to allow it to stand at an angle, would this help the top? Not that I will do this to the example shown, just to know other options. So I'm about to buy the printer in the next week or two. What else should I order with it? I've heard of a device to measure the filement, is that still needed? Is that something I can buy at my local hardware? Anything else? I will go with Cura at the start, any spares I should get with the printer? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Robert. Happy to hear your confidence in the machine. Would you stand it up because of the reason I mentioned, that the top face is usually the worst of the printed object? Just trying to confirm if this is a problem or not. I was hoping to print several of this and similar objects at the same time, making for long prints. Would jumping be a concern here? I've heard certain softwares/parameters are better at jumping between areas of print than others. Any advice on this? Though it is most likely something I will learn as I get into it. THanks again.
  5. Hi there, I'm pretty much sold on the UM and should be buying one shortly. I am hoping to get some early advice on how this piece(image below) should be printed, in terms of its orientation? At first, I thought laying it down on its back with the detailed face being on top, but after some reading I now understand the top finish face of the print is usually not the best. Is it best to stand it up as you see it in the image? Do you think the ends would need some support? How would you handle this piece, considering I can model in supports or other needs? I would also like to ask about long print time. Do you think the UM can handle long sessions of printing? If everything was in good order, could it handle a solid week of printing? I understand it would need some work/adjustments during that time, but is it durable enough to do 18 hour prints every day for 10 days? Big thanks for any help.
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