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  1. Hi Guys I have printed a couple of small items with clear PLA but the items end up more opaque than clear. Any tips on improving the transparency of the end product?
  2. I gave that a try, but the discs separated from the part. How many layers thick are the discs supposed to be? I used 0.2mm thick discs.
  3. Bill - try the disc method, it should work well with your model.
  4. Try incorporating 0.2mm thick discs at the corners on the base of the model. The diameter needs to be big enough to cover the corner where the warping occurs. Also decrease the first layer height to 0.2mm and make the fan turn on at the 3rd layer. the I did this and found little or no warping afterwards.
  5. Hi Guys So I have been printing some parts for an air duct which need to fit together squarely. I had some problems with warping in corners and went through this forum for tips. I tried the disc method where you incorporate discs 0.2mm thick at the corners of the base of the object. I used a varying diameter depending on the size of the object and also changed the first layer thickness to 0.2mm and made the fan turn on during the 3rd layer rather than 2nd. I can safely say that warping has been almost eliminated.
  6. This caused me so much grief! I have the V2 nozzle and had to pretty much take it apart to remove the PLA. Was it just the silver which had issues? I also have their red spool. I think I will stick with Faberdashery.
  7. Hi guys - I started a print last night which cam to an abrupt stop after one hour. On inspection I found the PLA I was using got stuck just before the nozzle. On measuring the filament I found it was 3.2mm! This is a silver PLA I bought from ultimaker back in June. Measuring at different points gave me a range of thickness from 2.8mm to 3.2mm! :oops: It's so bad you can even see the thickness variation with your bare eyes! Do I have a bad batch?
  8. I tried 12.12A but still no luck. Strange thing is I was using the older 12.08 fine - but 12.12A just doesnt show me the preview window - and I have uninstalled 12.08 already so now I am not able to do anything Daid - I have the drivers and Direct X installed. Is there a link so that I can re-install 12.08?
  9. Hi Guys I just tried to install the new cura on Windows - it seems to install fine but then when the main window opens, the preview window showing the object etc just doesn't show. it's as if the program is crashed but I can go through the menus fine. I have tried reinstalling a few times now but same problem. If i move the Cura window around on my desktop the preview window has a trail of menu bars - if that makes sense? What am I missing?
  10. I got the same thing only worse on a print I did a couple of days ago. I haven't yet got to the bottom of it either. I am going to check the alignment and use a different PLA.
  11. So i recently upgraded my hot end to the V2 - but I reused the V1 wooden parts which house the bearings. I found the holes in the new V2 wooden parts were slightly bigger and the bearings easily moved around? Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. I used the Faberdashery stone white colour printing at 206C. Also the print speed is at the default Cura setting of 50mm/s.
  13. Hi Guys - so i printed "The thinking man" last night at 0.1mm layer height and 2mm retraction. I am using the V2 hot end and extruder. This is how the print came out - as you can see there seem to be some layer "shifting" going on? You can see the lines more clearly on his back. Any ideas what might be causing this? I have aligned the belts and clamps. I also have additional tensioners on the belts.
  14. I found the original one and it's fine. Strange why my other one wasn't working - it was FAT system.
  15. Hi Guys - I was using the supplied SD Card with no problems but I somehow managed to lose the card and tried an old one I had. When I put this SD card in the controller recognises it but in the card menu no files are shown - just /.. Any ideas?
  16. xeno: What did you use to make the scan?
  17. I reduced the tension in the belts and the head was easier to move. I will do some calibration prints to check.
  18. Motors get hot so if anything i'd say they are being stressed too much? I'll try and lubricate the axes to see if that helps.
  19. Hi Guys - so I printed and installed some belt tensioners to get the belts to "sing" as per the instruction video. I also realigned the axes - but now I find that there is a lot of resistance in trying to move the head by hand. It isn't free at all as shown in the assembly video. With the lower belt tension (which was very low) the head felt less resistive (obviously) so I'm not sure if there is something I have missed - or use less tension in the belts?
  20. If I set the retraction to 4.5mm - should I also set the Extra length to 4.5mm to re-prime the nozzle?
  21. Perfect! Thanks j.samuels - that's exactly what I needed to know. I will probably do this for the different filaments I have just in case they give different results.
  22. Right. Also, I dunno M2210 but Joergen is usually pretty clever so you may want to look into that, too. If you didn't already know, multiply your current esteps value by 50/46 (1.09) then measure again. Keep repeating and adjusting esteps by desired/measured until it starts behaving. Thanks - I did this and entered the new value in Printrun, then clicked extrude again - but it didn't change the length much. Out of interest I entered an E value of 850 and 1050 and did the same 50mm extrusion - the length was the same - around 46mm?? When you change the E value through File - Edit, do
  23. Sorry I don't mean extrusion length. I am measuring the length pulled by the extruded drive. In print run if I extrude 50mm the actual length drawn is about 46mm.
  24. When extruding through a hot nozzle I am finding a significant difference in the measured vs expected extrusion length. Filament is not slipping but there does seem to be quite a bit of friction in the tube using glow blue filament. How do I adjust the Steps per E in Printrun?
  25. Hi guys. Recently picked up some blue glow in the dark filament which I am having trouble using. It almost looks like it comes out of the nozzle like a gel and forms little lumps which stick to the nozzle messing up the print. I have tried increasing the temp to 215 but still giving me trouble. Any tips??
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