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  1. This should be the robot before slicing = not OK This is the slice code = OK, if you turn on model view, you still can't see the model I'll test mac OS tonight
  2. Well, they decided otherwise: A bit strange, if a logo isn't top priority, then why did they bother designing one themselves? But hey no hard feelings, maybe our designs helped them designing there own.
  3. Any news yet? Or should we continue making a new and fancy logo :lol:
  4. Made 2 more: The last one should be an instant hit :lol:
  5. jo3ri

    Cura on mac

    I'm running Cura on Mac OS 10.8, but I don't connect the ultimaker to my mac, I'm using the Ulticontroller with an SD-card
  6. Fixed the url's I suggest you show 48x48 logo's / icons
  7. Well these are my suggestions, maybe they inspire other people in making something better, or maybe one of these gets to be picked as the new logo.
  8. I'm willing to work on a logo. I'll post some examples shortly
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