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  1. Wevolver and Ground3d are hosting an event during the Amsterdam Makerfestival in which Open Hardware projects that involve 3D printing are being exhibited. We are looking for people who want to exhibit their work at the amazing Ifabrica venue Examples of projects we are looking for are: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/servo-i-brace https://www.youmagine.com/designs/printbot-renacuajo Other projects that will be shown are Project egg and various open source 3D printer projects. Info: the event takes place on the 24th of May during the 3day Amsterdam Makerfestial. The 24th is especially
  2. Next Saturday 29th of March the ARDUINO SHOW & TELL Amsterdam takes place, as part of the international Arduino Day. We thought it would be nice to showcase the evolution of Ultimaker, how it started from a workshop of building Rep Raps, to the Ultimaker Original and the Ultimaker 2. Hence we are looking for a Rep Rap Darwin and someone who wants to show it to the public! Arduino Day is a celebration of Arduino’s first 10 years. It’s 24 hours full of events, anywhere around the world – where people interested in Arduino can meet, share their experiences, and learn more. More info
  3. You're right a project contains phases, including an ideation phase. I can also see the difference between posting an idea and actually acting upon it, turning it from an idea into a project. Though in reality these line may be more blurry, and the decision to start a project is often a 'soft' one. In any case I think there is value in being able to see in which phase a projects is. Though I am doubtful about a too strict approach as for example projects on http://www.openideo.com have.
  4. I don't know too much about Altium. If they are using a propietary file format that people only can open with Altium, yes then there is no solution. I can't see if there would be any way to solve that when propietary formats are being used. If the files are a standard format that others can open too, then they should be able to 'fork' your file and create their own version.
  5. Hey Jonny, I agree everybody has his own preferred set of tools. It would be impossible for a platform to cover all possible tools for hardware development without becoming a huge feature bloated monster. Instead I propose a more high level platform that connects with other tools and platforms. For example use Github to store your code, and link from the UM platform to Github. Another part of your project could indeed be electronics.. That part of the project should be linked to a relevant tool, or simply host the files you have created using your preferred online or desktop application. I th
  6. I'm not sure about giving an idea-founder admin rights. I think either a wikipedia-like collaboration, or a github-like forking system, holds more potential. Yes the starter of a project should be attributed, but for truly open collaboration you shouldn't have to ask for permission to contribute. Implementing permissions and artificial hierarchy could stifle collaboration. For Wevolver we want starters of projects to be able to choose how open they want to be. As in what copyright license you choose, but also giving the possibility for closed and hidden projects. I'm really positive about ope
  7. Hey guys, I'm Bram Geenen, with some friends we I'm working on Wevolver (and we have an Ultimaker too Great to read about your ideas! We are developing Wevolver to be a platform to host hardware projects. The goal is to provide a simple interface to structure and navigate collaborative projects I have researched many open hardware projects and my experience is that the main thing is to keep the project structured and to keep overview of the content and progress. This will keep the project accessible to both longer term collaborators as well as to newcomers, which is essential for keeping p
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