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  1. Yes, i checked every thing about 4 times, i will use a voltmeter later this week to try that.
  2. No, it's no reasonable at all it changes like every 0.5-2 seconds (as you can see on the images i posted)
  3. That's the problem, when i set the temperature to 180-240 it just raises to the set temperature and and the sensor just gives the actual information, when it reaches the set temperature it starts to change from 10-20 degrees above it to 10-20 degrees below it (t actually never reaches the set temperatures). When i set the temperature to 0 again the heater goes off and it shows me the dropping temperature without disturbance.
  4. I tried a couple of different sockets, even those all the way downstairs. Nothing changes, the temperatures keeps changing between ±220 and ±240
  5. Oh hehe, sorry. I'm not sure, i'll try a different socket tomorrow, ill tell you if it works.
  6. No, i didn't change any of the electrical part, everything is still as i bought it.
  7. Already looked for loose wires like 4 times, couldn't find anything.
  8. Hello, I've been printing with my Ultimaker for a while and everything was fine, i printed some good stuff and there were almost no problems. A while ago my temperature sensor started to act strange, when i set the temperature to 230 the temperature was just rising till 230 and when i pressed print the kept changing from around 220 to around 240 (I used cura and pronterface to see the temperature) and it did not print. For some reason the temperature kept rising though and my PEEK insulator started to smoke and molt apart. I got a new PEEK insulator and temperature sensor, the weird temperatu
  9. First print i did with it worked as it should, it seems this fixed it! Thanks a lot!
  10. Great idea! I'll try it now and ill tell you if it worked!
  11. Hello, First, i just build my Ultimaker in the last month and i don't have much experience with it but i do know how to work with it pretty well. And since i'm only 16 and i'm from the Netherlands my English isn't that good yet. I've been printing some objects with my printer and it was all looking good until ± a day ago, every time i try to print something the screw from the extruder get's less tight after a couple of layers and the filament isn't going though anymore and my prints all get messed up. I've tried using tape to make it not able to move but that doesn't seem to work as it get'
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