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  1. Om 20 u 15. http://www.hcc-vl.be/d001/content/3d-printen
  2. Is the best way to save a profile (ini) file and to copy from there ? Or should it be a feature in Cura ? nozzle_size = 0.4 layer_height = 0.2 wall_thickness = 0.8 retraction_enable = False solid_layer_thickness = 0.6 fill_density = 20 skirt_line_count = 2 skirt_gap = 3.0 print_speed = 20 print_temperature = 230 support = None enable_raft = False filament_density = 1.00 retraction_min_travel = 5.0 retraction_speed = 40.0 retraction_amount = 4.5 retraction_extra = 0.0 travel_speed = 150 max_z_speed = 3.0 bottom_layer_speed = 20 cool_min_layer_time = 10 fan_enabled = True
  3. Why cannot you connect the heated bed to the um ? http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Heated_Bed
  4. If I understand you well, // M140 - Set bed target temp as end g-code does not work because it does not control your heated bed. So the question is : - can I connect the ulticontroller to my heated bed - can I make a connection in series between the two "switches". To cool down quickly, you could use // M106 - Fan on // G4 - Dwell S or P // M107 - Fan of I am just guessing.
  5. Does this mean that Daid's Marlin builder does not work anymore ?
  6. My port is COM43. My email is philippeLaatditwegCasteleyn@hotmail.com The children of Flanders will be grateful.
  7. Would that not be a job for graphicall.org ?
  8. I am not capable of compiling Doodle3D nor to install OpenFrameworks. Does anyone have a Windows 7 32 bit compiled executable for me ? https://github.com/Doodle3D/Doodle3D
  9. You might consider another technology than extrusion. Maybe if you are a popular person in some technical circles, you might recuperate a bit of the money. Or if you live in a tourist area.
  10. Well, that will keep me busy for a while
  11. I have not found yet a paper about Ultimaker. I mean : - a study of the mechanics with a lot of sinuses and cosinuses. - about the stiffness of the frame - the electronics and the programming - thermodynamics
  12. It was taken some minutes after the printing. I don't remember well. Next ? time I might try a thermal video. A couple of second of printing and of cooling. What size and format does this forum allow ? Or, if there is a majority vote, I could delete this thread and forget the Whole thing.
  13. Omdat de zaal dan toch niet beschikbaar is, wordt de datum vrijdag terrathree nadazero november.
  14. I don't have easy access to the IR camera. Could I do it right ? With black stickers ? I cannot zoom in in IRSoft, or am I wrong again ? And Robert, how do you know that the temperature is 40 degrees ?
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