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  1. I am trying to print a few letters for a newborn in the family. These are letters I made for my Voronoi Alphabet. I have posted the files on Youmagine and Thingi. They all print fine with the following settings: layer 0.2 retraction on speed 40 brim on support to buildplatform infill 0% Sorry for the crappy photo:
  2. Printed 2 letters today. I am trying to figure out if its worth the time to do the whole alphabet and put it on youmagine. The B is printed in colorfab blue-ish white.
  3. Problem solved. its supposed to be: [YouMagineUser=your-lowercase-youmagine-name] Username should be in ' '
  4. same problem here... capital or not. It doesn't seem to work for me
  5. My first voronoi test! I used a model of a stratocaster guitar and made it voronoi style. Printing is a bit difficult, but it came out resonably well. Printed 0.2mm in transprant blue Also just for fun some pics of my new ultimaker stand
  6. I made a small video of it moving : The joints are made from plain 3mm filament and I melted the tips so they wont slide out of the holes.
  7. Printed on an Ultimaker with the bronze PLA from the Ultimaker shop. It needed alot of sanding, drilling and gluing, but I managed to get it moving with an arduino controller. Now only to develop some programming skills :-|
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