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  1. Sorry, but the debian package is still broken: $ CuraEngine CuraEngine: error while loading shared libraries: libprotobuf.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory This package is a mess. It actually includes pieces of google's protobuf and python3-protobuf which are going to conflict with their OS counterparts. Nevertheless libprotobuf.so.10 is NOT included. And what about the x86 version. Gone forever?
  2. @Arjen, or whoever makes binary packages: What about google protobuf? You seem to have it removed from the deb since 15.06.01 (what I see as a correct decision). But now I need protobuf ver. 3.0 (specifically: libprotobuf.so.10) to run CuraEngine on Debian and it is not in the dependencies, and not in the system rep. Only libprotobuf9 is available.
  3. Ha! so there was Cura 14 for Linux! Where is it gone???!!!??
  4. Hi Daid, The 13.06.4 release does not contain CuraEngine and there is no CuraEngine dependency (does such a package even exist?). I know I can get it from git, but I wanted to update the Arch Linux package in a more consistent way. I guess CuraEngine would be an architecture dependent package. If there is no CuraEngine package it is fine, but I'd like to be sure that git is the right place to get it. Moreover in the INFO inside the DEB it says version=13.06.3
  5. Actually, I checked which python is executed when I run cura.sh. It is the system-wide one. The pypy is not referenced anywhere in the scripts. cura.sh: #!/bin/bashpython -c 'import OpenGL'// many lines hereSCRIPT_DIR=`dirname $0`python ${SCRIPT_DIR}/Cura/cura.py $@ Cura/cura.py #!/usr/bin/python// ... Trying to run pypy from pypy directory or to run pypy shipped with fedora didn't work because of missing modules or files. So I grabbed some ancient WinXP 32 installation disk and installed it on the same computer. Then installed python, Cura-12.11, plugged the machine and it w
  6. Both the computers were running 32 bit Fedora 17, so it is must be something else. I have no system-wide pypy installed. I also ran Cura under WinVista 32 and same results (apart from error messages, which I didn't look at). The drivers were installed without problems. How can I test if my Arduino board is faulty or not?
  7. As mentioned, I tested it on 2 computers, 3 USB ports in total. The only interesting lines from dmesg are: usb 1-6.3: new full-speed USB device number 27 using ehci_hcdusb 1-6.3: New USB device found, idVendor=2341, idProduct=0042usb 1-6.3: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=220usb 1-6.3: Manufacturer: Arduino (www.arduino.cc)usb 1-6.3: SerialNumber: xxxxxxxxxxxxxcdc_acm 1-6.3:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device... LOTS OF UNRELATED LINES ...usb 1-6.3: USB disconnect, device number 27 And I guess they are just fine... No errors.
  8. EDIT: - ReplicatorG was in the most recent version 0037. - Cura gives the following errors to the console: $ ./Cura-12.10-linux/cura.shException in thread Thread-8:Traceback (most recent call last):File "/usr/lib/python2.7/threading.py", line 551, in __bootstrap_inner self.run()File "/usr/lib/python2.7/threading.py", line 504, in run self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs)File "/home/kodaimo/Cura-12.10-linux/Cura/util/machineCom.py", line 330, in _monitor self._callback.mcMessage(line)File "/home/kodaimo/Cura-12.10-linux/Cura/gui/configWizard.py", line 424, in mcMessage self
  9. I have just assembled my Ultimaker. Now I connected it to my computer, executed Cura 12.10. It asked for firmware upgrade to Marlin which I agreed upon The upgrade and all the tests went well. I loaded the robot.stl but at the "prepare print" stage I got "something went wrong" and the console is empty. Clicking "print" does nothing. So I tried with ReplicatorG. There I get the following errors (in the console): [20] Supports RC[20] Connecting to machine using serial port: /dev/ttyACM0[20] Initializing Serial.[20] Attempting to reset RepRap (pulsing RTS)[20] Supports RC[20] Wrong baud rat
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