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  1. hi its is located under the cooling section of S3D on the right says cooling speeds just untick the box and it should be much faster then.
  2. Hi Daid Love the way the new cura is so speedy, though just seem to have one issue not sure why but when I have prints i wish to spilt cura stops responding. I'm on windows 8.1 64bit don't seem to have any other major bugs I have to end up restarting cura and trying again but happens every time. I have tried on different prints to make sure it was not just that file but again comes up at the top (not responding) and I just get the blue wheel logo going around. any idea. PS. keep up the great work.
  3. I have been using glass for about a year now and never had any problems, I just used the glass out of a picture frame cost me £1 then I use PVA and water mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water and paint it on with a small brush, then place under a low heat grill this dries the glue but also makes it even out fine I just lay the glass on top of the bed and use bulldog clips to hold in place. So far I have used PLA, Bendlay and Nylon with out any issues. I have the parts for the hot bed just not got round to putting it all together and with the glass way working so well not in a rush to just yet.
  4. Hi I have a similar problem were by my thermsensor board works (i.e. the one on the top with the blue led) but when I switch on the ultimaker it reads as 41c and not normal room temp of about 24c. I have tested all the wires and solder and configuration all is OK from what I can see and tested with digital multimeter and still its high. I believe the AD595 has an internal temp sensor and if that's the one going crazy. I can still print OK but I have to set the temp higher to compensate for the offset. gr5 you mentioned about changed the line in config.h do you know what line it is that needs to be changed. I have searched it but can't see anything that stands out. Hope someone can tell me how to adjust the the offset.
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