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  1. Indeed, it reminds me this http://blog.cubehero.com/2013/11/11/how-to-generate-extruded-3d-model-from-images-in-openscad/ tutorial. Indeed a nice Opensource Possibility to try. Thx Zoev89. Will check to use it in Freecad as there's an openscad module to and it's a gui instead of typing a lot. Greetz Xiao Shi Zi.
  2. Removed the new version and installed the 13.11 back in place :( So whenever I'll need line support I'll need to update slice save G-code remove version, install older version and print... Changing a parameter and restart the print will be fun. Enjoy the weekend :wink: Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi
  3. Any help considering installation of different versins of Cura on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit would be welcome. If I download the older .deb file out of http://software.ultimaker.com/?show=all I recieve following message: "Er is al een nieuwere versie geïnstalleerd" meaning that there's already a newer version installed :( How to git pull an older version of the Cura tree? Maybe I'll try the PinkUnicorn if it's available for Linux ;-) Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi.
  4. Pronterface UI shows up, conneting.... Closed. No connection to the printer.
  5. Hi Daid and fellow Cura users, I did an upgrade to the new version 14.07 on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit platform. I'm using a Prusa i2 @ home. So to print I use the Print with USB option. Previous version showed up with a nice interface to connect to the printer. Also taking control over speeds, temperatures, homepositioning, etc. was possible. Now the only thing I see is as can be seen on: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/image/7152-printwithusbmenu/ Any help to print soon is greatfully apreciated ;-) Need to print during the weekend. Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi.
  6. As Is proven again :( No posibility to change anything when sending to a prusa i2 with the option Print with USB... Only one window pops up Saying : Operational temperature: 39 Bed: 23 Connect (grayed out) Print (choice to make) Cancel print (Grayed out) No more able to change parameters before starting or while printing :( :( :( Going back to older version, but then I don't gave line support... Daid is there a reason why I can't see the menu for usb printing??? Using Cura 14.07 on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with a Prusa i2 USB connected. Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi.
  7. thx. Will investigate whats best for this infill thing. Keep in touch. Will test that out in a few weeks.
  8. Only disadvantage with the JPG it doesn't recognize transparent layers. Always a rectangle of the size yo entered a JPG. Maybe we'll need to check the underlaying code to enable that part ;-) Greetz Xiao Shi Zi. P.S. will check the litho ;-)
  9. gr5, do you know any opensource cad program abble to do that? Even with a .stl? maybe Blender I guess
  10. Also using Cura on six UM1 and 1 UM2 @ timelab in Gent ;-) Realy better quality prints than on the Prusa i2 ;-) Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi.
  11. Using Cura for Prusa i2. Sometimes there are functionality 's who were better in older versions ;-) like the hexagon infill, was nice to see in transparent and also gives a certain extra rigidity ;-) Also before updating I rather wait a little (six months is quit long indeed) to see the problems others gave. Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi.
  12. One more point. The "old version" of line support made a one wall support. This version only put parallel lines without connection inbetween at the extremity. Any way to activate? Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi.
  13. Thx for the quick reply! I was still using 13.11 where the choice was not yet available... Updated to 14.07 where the choice is indeed available. Thx! Xiao Shi Zi
  14. Hello Daid, is there any change that a simple line drawing, bmp black line, can be added into the infill pattern? So when you print in a semi transparent colour you can see a kind of drawing inside the print instead of only the square support inside. Would be awsome for lamphousings ;-) Greetings, Xiao Shi Zi.
  15. Hi Daid, Realy nice how Cura is making 3D-printing easy. Any change that support type line will be back in the support types? It was so much easyier to remove, pick one wall and pull the whole support material off. Thx in advance. Xiao Shi Zi.
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