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  1. Thank you! I´ ve tried to attached it to the block and and hot water but it´´´ s stucked. In my case the brass went through all the peek so is harder to heat the hole brass part. Will try the freeze method. thank you for your reply!
  2. Hey Nerdwarrior, I have the same problem, how did you solved it?
  3. Is going to be a v3 upgrade? I have my ultimaker with the v1 and is giving my a headache with the plugs.... and I was thinking on get the V2 but, I live in Argentina, and shipping costs would kill me so I dont wan´t to buy it if I will have to buy another one in the next months! regards, pablo
  4. Hello guys I bougth an Ultimaker machine, I have assambled it, but when I conect it via USB, and installed Cura and Netfabb trial version. Neither of them worked. Cura Installs but when I want tu upgrade the firmware to Marlin, It stays in "conecting to printer". I´ve tried to use it whitout upgrades, but when I import an STL file y doesn´t show me anything on the 3d screen. While using netfabb, I´ve installed it, open clicked on Ultimaker on the rigth panel, imported the STL file, and followed the first step ( http://wiki.netfabb.com/USB_Control ) but can´t configure USB control. pleas
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