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  1. It should definitely change!, it could be that you BB printcore was programmed as an AA printcore... unlikely as that seems, it would explain your other problem.... does the slot show as empty when the hotend is removed? (can be done without using the load/unload/change as long as no filament is keeping it in there)
  2. haven't seen anything like this, all I can say is check the material isn't ultimaker PVA iso generic natural PVA if that is what you sliced for, make sure you have a recent firmware version installed and make sure the nozzle is a BB core.
  3. since I haven't worked on the UM2+connect I'm not sure but you can always browse to www.ultimaker.com/ER207 which will tell you a tiny bit more... the important part in this one is probably: "Unfortunately this error most likely means there is a faulty component in the board. If you are encountering this error, please raise a support ticket."
  4. Thanks @bvsengineering for reporting this, I'll add the bug to the backlog and have a look. Will update when I know more! The switches are only actively used when homing... That has been the case since the UM2 and it does occasionally make printers create horrible noises like this 😞.
  5. It seems likely you are printing or have not clicked the confirm removal button on your print. Please confirm removal and/or abort or wait for any running print to finish completely. The printer will reboot so to preserve a running print we don't allow users to enable/disable this setting during printing. Can you check if that solves the problem for you?
  6. Perfect recovery strategy! I think @sj3fk3 might have missed that 😄 "S5 pro" is a bit ambiguous, is it a stand alone printer or with Material station attached?
  7. I've not encountered the situation that a hot pull did not work at all, That does make me wonder if you are doing the hot pull corrctly it is very short not more than a second all the way inside the printcore.... That said I do have some guesses that might work: you can try pushing it out while it's extra hot use air pressure to push the filament out the other way while the hotend is hot. WARNING: if any hot plastic makes it past the PTFE insert and sticks to the metal there it's even more difficult to remove.... also air pressure may make things fly, take the appropriate prec
  8. I would expect values less than an ohm or so but as long as your meter sees a stable connection I would assume it's OK... it is fine to lay the printer on it's side. while printing with the printer on it's side is not recommended it does not matter to the electronics or the motors, etc. just be sure to work EMC safe.
  9. when you unscrew the bottom of your printer there is another one of those big connectors, it's easy enough to find and only logically plugs in in that one place. But even if you measure them and the connections are all OK, there might only be a break when flexing the cable. You could clean the contacts (for instance with alcohol on a cotton swab) re-insert and see if that helps.
  10. The i2c head communication error really does point to the cable, since that is only reported if there is no connection to a chip that is on the PCB in the printhead, regardless of temperature errors, etc it could of-course be a combination of things, but that seems less likely.
  11. Thanks for the logfiles! (the ones in the e-mail) Using the logfiles I was able to see a bunch of i2c head communication errors, so my thoughts go to the cable between the printhead and the printer. I think either the cable is broken or it's not plugged in properly. I can further support this conclusion because over the last few days I found A bunch of probing errors and min and max temp errors. The reason for those are all related to the printhead, the printcores, etc. the only thing all of those have in common is the cable from the printer to the printhead. Assuming there is
  12. Another explanation is that it changes more. It did also change the PID settings for heating the buildplate (5 to 10 degrees constantly off target depending on whether it's heating or constant) which won't help you if you don't know about it but yeah it would solve some issues. But just bringing it back as is sounds not great either IMHO.
  13. Could you also add the files that are called something like: ultimakersystem-ccbdd300129b. Those are the main log files. (the forum might complain about uploading them if so you can unzip them with tools like z7)
  14. @dcschooley Thanks for the testing and feedback! /edit after waking up We could certainly not replicate a situation as bad as you describe so it means a lot to hear this from you!
  15. Usually the hotends not heating up is related to the pogo pins between the printhead and the print core, try cleaning up the contacts on both sides and try again. The error is caused by protection code that hasn't been changed in this release. If you still think it's software you can try these steps: If you have any materials loaded try to unload them first, possibly do a factory reset, and then try again. If that fails you can downgrade to 5.8.1 via usb, here are links to the files, only one will work but select the R1 only if there is a robot on the side of your pr
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